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becoming a single parent

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choccypuddin Sat 26-Jul-08 13:55:23

Hi, I am 7 months pregnant and the babys father left me at 13 weeks pregnant. He said he didn't want me or the baby and that was that, a couple of weeks later he changed his mind saying he was sorry and for me to take him back. I still love him and it is hard without him but I can't trust him right now and decided to go it alone. Is their anyone else out their with a similar situation, if so please get in touch i would love to chat. I feel very lonely and could do with some support, many thanks

MiniMarmite Sat 26-Jul-08 16:27:42

Hi Choccypuddin

I'm not in this situation but couldn't let your message go unanswered. It is a really difficult decision to go it alone - you're very brave to do it. Do you have friends and family to support you?

I noticed a related thread from overthehills a couple of days ago that you might like to read

LuXander Sat 26-Jul-08 17:20:31

Hi choccypuddin,
I am a single mum, I have a DS 11yrs and DD 15 months. Was a single Mum from about 16wks pregnant with DS.
Although I sometimes felt lonely and wished I had someone special to share the pregnancy with, I (mostly) loved being a single mum and I have an amazing relationship with my son. Alot of the things you would normally discuss with a partner (what would you like for dinner/ to do today?) you can discuss with quite small children and you can end up with a very close relationship.
DS was 7 before I found someone I thought good enough to share our little family (unfortunately I was wrong!) I had many people say "Oh how do you manage, it must be so hard" but I saw so many couples working against each other, not co-operating, that I realised that in some ways it is easier being on your own...
Sorry for the essay, just wanted you to know that it's not all bad! grin

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