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Head engaged?

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Gem1355 Tue 08-Feb-05 19:22:19


I had my 32 weeks and went to my ante-natal check today and the DR said baby's head was engaged and to him this was early, he seemed concerned. I'm hoping baby will arrive before my due date but this many weeks ahead.
Will the head stay engaged and does it mean i'll deliver early or what?

HappyMumof2 Tue 08-Feb-05 19:25:17

Message withdrawn

kbaby Tue 08-Feb-05 20:50:38

same here im afraid. DDs head was engaged at 35 weeks but she wasnt born until 40+5

biglips Tue 08-Feb-05 20:53:36

my baba head was engaged at 35 weeks and i was 41+5 days late !!

beansprout Tue 08-Feb-05 21:07:00

Mine engaged at 34 weeks and was born at 40+16. 1st babies often engage v early and just sit (headstand?) there.

Gem1355 Tue 08-Feb-05 22:25:40

OH NO i really am fed up with being PG, so am keeping my finger crossed that she will come early!!!!

Levanna Wed 09-Feb-05 01:35:50

DD1 was engaged from about 6 months (ouch !), she was born 6 days over EDD. DD2 engaged in the later weeks, and was born 4 days over EDD. I don't think it means anything necessarialy!

jabberwocky Wed 09-Feb-05 01:38:53

They told me ds's head was engaged at 36 weeks. He was born at 40 and apparently they had mistaken his butt for his head the entire time!

Gem1355 Wed 09-Feb-05 17:16:39


Well baby's wriggling around a lot today, but still got fingers crossed baby will come early, but knowing my luck it will come late!!!!!

sparklymieow Wed 09-Feb-05 17:43:36

When I was pregnant with DD1 she was 3/5th engaged at 30 weeks, MW told me that the 2/5th would probably happen in labour and not to expect to go the whole 40 weeks, I had her one week later. With Dd2 she was breech for ages and at 33 weeks I had a scan and she was headdown and 3/5th engaged, I said to dr "well, I'll have the baby within a week then" I had her the next day!!!

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Wed 09-Feb-05 17:45:48

32 weeks engaged, born at 41 weeks...sorry

sparklymieow Wed 09-Feb-05 17:52:51

Just so you don't panic, I had DS (the eledest, at 36 weeks) so we knew I might not go to term with DD1, and it wasn't a shock at 33 weeks when I had DD2

Gem1355 Wed 09-Feb-05 20:16:44

I think i should start to pack my hospital bag just in case!

LapsedGymJunkie Wed 09-Feb-05 20:40:38

Engaged at 32, and he was induced at two weeks over and they had to dynamite him out.

Gem1355 Wed 09-Feb-05 20:50:48

Well everyone at work know even more so coz babys dad work with me! and they said they will get the baseball gloves out and get ready to catch coz i don't go on maternity till 11th march! Although they are all panicking if i go into labour, especially if i'm out of the office for more than 10 mins

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