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spotting (24wks): how long after internal?

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berolina Tue 08-Feb-05 18:51:52

Hi there all. Warning: TMI...
During this whole pregnancy I have had pretty frequent TINY spotting - quite a bit of pink, sometimes brown or red, but really really miniscule spots in otherwise normal discharge. Just before Xmas I had an internal and had slightly larger reddish spots 4 days later. There's never been any cause found - I suppose I just have a sensitive cervix. Now I'm 24 weeks and have a relatively large (but still really tiny IYKWIM - large relative to what I've had before) brownish streak in my knickers, along with normal discharge. I had an internal exam + scan last Weds. (Haven't had any sex - in fact not since getting pg!). Can still feel baby moving, but am a bit paranoid because it looks different from the spotting I've had before and because I'm currently off with a softened/shortened cervix, and I'm really hoping it's from the internal. Anyone know how long after an internal this can happen? I'm due at the gynaecologist on Friday morning - is it OK to wait till then? (Pregnancy book says report any 'bleeding' 'immediately' - but is this 'bleeding'?) Any advice for a chronic worrier? TIA.

charlie01 Tue 08-Feb-05 19:16:48

Hi Berolina

I wouldn't wait until friday, TBH it's more than likely nothing (especially considering your internal and previous spotting) but I would get some reassurance anyway! I had a tiny bit of blood at 18 weeks and when I rang my midwife they admitted me! Turned out to be nothing but I think they would rather check everything and be over cautious.

berolina Wed 09-Feb-05 15:37:58

Thank you Charlie.
It seems to have settled down and my 'normal' spotting has started (which has never ever indicated anything wrong) so I'm putting it down to that.

teabelly Wed 09-Feb-05 15:58:23

Berolina, brown blood is always a better sign coz it means it's old blood and therefore highly likely that this was from the internal, esp as you appear to have a weak cervix. I had bleeding abit like this when expecting ds and was told it was cervical erosion. You can feel bubba move too which is also a good sign so please don't worry. You'd be surprised coz it's not talked about much in the books, but a weak cervix/cervical erosion is extremely common in pregnancy. But if it would make you feel better go and see the Dr/MW (sorry don't know who it is in Germany). Never worry about being over's your body and your baby and if you want things checked out then go for it.

berolina Wed 09-Feb-05 16:17:20

Thanks teabelly How's things?
I'm due at the gyn on Friday morning first thing, so as I've had nothing further out of the ordinary and can feel little one shifting around I've decided to wait.

teabelly Wed 09-Feb-05 20:59:17

Berolina, I'm fine poppet...come over and join us on the June thread again...but you'll have to be quick we're trying to get the record for the most due in...threads, so it may take a while to find us, he he he

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