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health/fitness please can some help with my on going size??

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mad4mybaby Fri 25-Jul-08 13:28:46

Ok so first of all please dont anyone have a go at me about being vain etc i just need some advice from any experts in my situation or anyone who is knowledable please!

Im nearly 23 weeks pg with #2 and today i look full term. Im only 5'3 and i realise the only way is out. I was a size 8 and have always been body consious (ridiculously so) im very introverted (cant think of the right word) basically what can i do to help not put on excessive weight or not get too big? I understand im going to put weight on and you need a certain amount of weight and i am not naive esp as i put on about 2 1/2 stone with ds1 i understand the changes.

Im currently swimming and running round after 2 yr old in forms of excercise. Really struggling with my breat/breathing at the moment (having bloods done mon) so is restricting me wanting to do any extra excercise. Im vegetarian and do eat healthy but find myself eating when im not hungry. I try to make sure i eat nuts/fruit at these times but not always the case. Also the only think i drink is water not even juice at the mo.

I think i must have alot of fluid and i did get alot of water retention with ds. Is there anything you can do to affect this at all? I just cant believe how big i am and neither can anybody else that hasnt seen me for more than 1 week.

madmouse Fri 25-Jul-08 13:45:10

Exercising more is probably not the way forward as you are heading towards your last trimester, and now it is so hot.

If you have fluid retention, do you drink enough water? And try nettle tea to help you wee.

Sounds like you are carrying high, and that your stomach is very squashed, so definitely eat little and often. Fruit can be very unsatisfying. How about more bread/crackers/yogurt?

Good luck and healthy baby smile

mad4mybaby Fri 25-Jul-08 13:49:09

i am drinking sooo much water i was abit worried. I think i may try to work out how many litres but def over 2. Im actually carrying very low which isnt helping people thinking im ready to drop!

dinkystinky Fri 25-Jul-08 14:08:24

Mad4mybaby - if its any consolation, I think everyone looks bigger much earlier with their second baby (all to do with your muscles having been stretched first time round and your body automatically going into pregnancy mode). In terms of exercise, keep doing what you're doing but dont over do it- try pregnancy yoga (class or dvd) to help with your breathing (the stretching helps you feel less cramped in your body, if you know what I mean) and keep eating healthily -I find that homemade houmous on oatcakes is generally a pretty good healthy and filling snack (though it doesnt stop me reaching for the chocolate every now and then).

You'll feel better when the baby drops down (it could well be position plus fluid retention making your bump seem so big to you) and you know you'll lose the weight after the baby arrives, so try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy if possible smile

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