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out of breath

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benandoli Fri 25-Jul-08 12:42:32

Hi i am 28 weeks pregnant with my third and I feel so out of breath. Seems to be worse the more the baby moves but just makes me feel fat and unfit! Any advice?

thequietone Fri 25-Jul-08 12:47:28

Slow down. I had the same with my two DS and couldn't find any way around it other than allow myself extra time getting up and down the stairs and walking outside!!

benandoli Fri 25-Jul-08 12:57:04

thanks I feel so much pressure brought on mainly by myself and not helped by DH who says pregnancy is a choice not an illness to keep the house clean as well as look after our two boys 3 and 6.

milknosugar Fri 25-Jul-08 13:00:49

well im guessing dh had something to do with the choice? he needs a kick up the backside, go on strike.

it can be lack of room because the baby is using it all, it can be the fact that you are carrying a baby so your body is working hard and it can be anaemia, i get breathless when i need iron (pregnant or not).

PetitFilou1 Fri 25-Jul-08 13:13:46

angry at your dh. Tell him to strap a sack of potatoes to his stomach and see how well he manages. I'm with you though, you definitely lose 'precious vessel' status when you get to no3 and beyond. Sometimes before that as my friend knows from being made to move house on her own at 8 months pregnant with no2 (dh apparently had no leave left to take - conveniently he had used it all beforehand) Anyway I seem not to be answering your question so will leave <shuts door quietly>

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