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can someone give me advice on benefits?????

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sambrads Fri 25-Jul-08 09:50:44

hi all i am currently recieving incapacity benefit as i did not qualify for the SSP from my employer.

does anyone know what other benefits i am entitled to??
i am 31 weeks pregnant and i know i dont qualify for maternity allowance oh its so annoying and all the websites i ahve been on dont tell me anything .

Tinkerisdead Fri 25-Jul-08 09:59:10

can you go to job centre plus and ask? You might be entitled to a maternity grant which is about 500.00 i think. you could also qualify for free milk, fruit & veg. You will get a child trust fund voucher and child benefit.

I would visit your jobcentre plus with your matB1 form just in case?

Pontypine Fri 25-Jul-08 10:47:07

why are you not entitled to maternity allowance? I'm sure there is some kind of government benefit you can claim if you are pregnant and not working.

i would maybe try income support too which i believe is about £55 a week for a single person. Although not sure with the incapacity benefit where you would stand on that.

Like thedoctorswife said, contact the jobcentre plus and see what they say.

if you are renting, you would also be entitled to housing benefit and council tax benefit if you are on a social security benefit although that depends on OH and (assuming you have one) how much he earns.

You should also be entitled to the surestart maternity grant of £500 as mentioned above.

Good luck, and when you know - let us know!!

sambrads Sat 26-Jul-08 09:42:37

thanks so much ladies i will go to my job centre and see if i can get anything

DontNeedAnything Sat 26-Jul-08 09:49:02

Is usually a good site for determining what benefits you are entitled to. Not sure if it is a ppropriate with maternity related stuff - I'll be it is though,

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