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Would a breech presentation mean measuring bigger, smaller or just right for dates ?

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FoghornLeghorn Fri 25-Jul-08 07:20:41

Had routine midwife apt yesterday and midwife thinks baby is possibly breech so have a scan booked for next week - I am 37+4 atm, will be 38+3 at scan.
Midwife didn't mention it at apt but when I scanned over notes when I got home I noticed I was measuring 35 weeks - Have been spot on with measurements throughout this pregnancy so not worried about it, just wondered if that would maybe have something to do with a possible breech ?

MrsJamin Fri 25-Jul-08 07:59:56

I don't think breech has any influence over size. My breech DS (born at 39+5) was 6 pounds 15 and is now bang on average for weight, I have a theory that he was running out of room in me and is now the size he was meant to be, but I think it's more to do with the fact that I have a short torso. I don't think breech + size is that related though.

FoghornLeghorn Fri 25-Jul-08 09:44:09


Have googled and it doesn't seem to be particularly relevant and as it's only 2cm out I'm not too bothered

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