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So confused....

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jellybabe83 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:09:05

I had an early scan two days ago after a couple of days of pain in my pelvis. This hasn't stopped yet!
The scan found what looked like a sac in my womb and some swelling next to my left ovary. The doctor said this could either be ectopic or a cyst as I was only measuring 4 weeks and no heartbeat yet to tell for definate if it was a sac, although I though I was nearly 6 weeks!

HCG results were high that day, then today had a follow up and they've more than doubled. Gone from 4500 to 10000. The only thing that's concerning me is that this seems high for 4 weeks and more along the lines of 6 weeks... and I've been looking online and apparantly high HCG levels can be a bad thing as well as low HCG levels!

It just feels at the moment like every bit of news I get that seems positive, could then turn out to be something wrong...

People have mentioned Molar pregnancy. A few days ago I was worried about an ectopic!

I know I won't find out much next week as I'd only be around 5 weeks anyway, but hopefully I'll know a bit more than I do now.

I had a miscarriage last year and so I'm constantly worried, thinking the worst. I wish the pains would just stop and I could stop worrying I feel so tired and stressed out right now... I need something positive to happen!


mrsboogie Thu 24-Jul-08 19:36:43

Oh my god - I could have written your post nearly word for word a few months ago. I went for an early scan at seven weeks and only a sac was visible - in the wrong place - close to the ovary. There was no heartbeat visible either.

There was talk of miscarriage (I'd already had one the year before) ectopic pg and even molar pg and that my HCG levels were very high. I had to wait a week until the hb was visible and the sac had moved to where it should be. You are even earlier in pg than I was so I would be very surprised if a hb was possible - it doesn't even start til 6 weeks.

In the end everything was ok for me (although I did have three episodes of light bleeding) The doctors were just being cautious - I am 32 weeks now and all seems to be well. I want to tell you not to worry but I know how hard that is - I still do even now. Miscarriage ruins pregnancy because you are too aware of what can go wrong.

However please take heart from the fact that you are in the very early stages (and maybe earlier than you thought) and there is every chance that your next scan will show that things are ok.

jellybabe83 Fri 25-Jul-08 08:31:05

Thanks for the reply

I'm feeling a little better this morning. The pains seem to be subsiding a bit and I don't seem to get them at all in the night, or I just don't notice! Lol!

I'm keeping everything crossed right now, and I feel a little more positive than I did a couple of days ago anyway!


rmm Fri 25-Jul-08 09:31:20

I had something really similar happen to me as well.
Went in for an early scan at what i thought was 6+ weeks and saw a sac.
Did blood tests and although my hcg levels were rising they didn't double!
But take heart because my progressive scans showed the baby was catching up to my dates and now is almost on par.
I too had bleeding almost daily for the first 14 weeks.
I know it is so much easier said then done but try and stay positive. I know how difficult it is not to worry.

jellybabe83 Fri 25-Jul-08 17:24:27

I'm driving myself crazy here...
My hormone levels were rising well, but I'm still getting pains, which is making me paranoid it could still be an ectopic I have to wait until tuesday before my scan... I think I may go crazy by then!

The pains aren't really bad, just like period pains. And when I woke up this morning I actually thought it had stopped and it started again this afternoon...

I'm praying its just a cyst, but I can't stop worrying... I'm convinced something will go wrong

Anglepoise Fri 25-Jul-08 18:10:38

I have no experience but I think ectopic pains are pretty excruciating, and in one shoulder.

Good luck for your scan.

mrsboogie Fri 25-Jul-08 18:18:14

the waiting is terrible, I know. But at least you have no bleeding.

the main thing to look out for with an ectopic is a very bad pain in the shoulder and bleeding.

I also has pain in one side for the first few months - it felt like it was in my ovary but nothing showed on the scans. Might have just been hormonal

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