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6 flights of stairs to my flat - can it be done in late preg. and post birth?

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nadssss Thu 24-Jul-08 09:48:10

Any advice gratefully received: we have been trying to sell our one bedroom top floor flat because I am 3 months pregnant - but there is no interest because of the market.

It's looking like we might have to stay here for the first year the baby is with us.

To ladies who know, do you think I will be able to manage 6 flights of stairs when I am 8/9 months pregnant? What about after the baby is born?

May family/friends (who have had babies) say it can't be done - but I am hoping we will be able to manage!

Help! Let me know your thoughts if you can.

(I am putting my head in the sand about the various problems of a baby in a tiny one bedroom flat!)


Cicatrice Thu 24-Jul-08 10:02:38

I have 3 flights of stairs, and they wouldn't have been a problem during pregnancy except I developed SPD.

Afterwards, the SPD has still been a bit of a problem and in the early days I used the sling because I couldn't carry the buggy downstairs or do two trips.

I think that it depends on your general health. But people have been raisng kids in tenement flats for generations so although it can be hard when you can't just put them in the buggy and go out the door, it can be done.

But definitely get your shopping delivered if you possibly can. You can't carry a baby and shopping up flights of stairs at the end of pregnancy/ just after giving birth. Or I couldn't, at least.

artichokes Thu 24-Jul-08 10:07:06

It will be hard at the end of pregnancy if, like me, you are huge and everything aches. I found one flight of stairs wore me out at the end.

Once the baby arrives it is a real pain if you have to wake them up to get them out of the fram everytime you arrive home. It is so nice when they fall asleep while you are out and you can park them in the halway and have a rest for an hour. In fact it is the only way my DD slept in the day. If you have to stay in your flat see if you can get a pram with a detachable moses basket for the first couple of months so you can leave the pram downstairs and detach the sleeping baby. The problem is they grow out of those moses basket atttachements very quickly.

Bink Thu 24-Jul-08 10:07:19

I managed OK!
We are on third floor (and beyond, we're in a sort of treehouse) - 75 steps, I think, before you get to the first room level (which is, handily, a cloakroom & toilet).

And that was after a Caesarean. (I didn't have SPD or anything which affected movement much while pregnant, though - that could be an issue. But not enough of a risk to plan for now - I think.)

Hints: take it slow, always. Once baby is born, get a really fantastic comfortable neat sling so your hands are free for bannisters. Make sure ALL your groceries/nappies/everything are delivered. See if your neighbours will let you keep pram etc. in the hall downstairs (ours were fine, subject to us being reasonable - which meant only one buggy, kept as folded up as possible, which was fine with us) - or keep it in the car?

dinkystinky Thu 24-Jul-08 10:08:03

You'll be fine with the stairs - just alot slower than usual going up them (provided you dont get SPD). Try and keep the baby buggy at the bottom of the stairs and use a sling or baby carrier as much as possible. And I agree with Cicatrice - get bulky shopping delivered to your home!

lollipopmother Thu 24-Jul-08 10:17:49

I had five flights of stairs at work, it takes a while to get your breath back but it can be done. Personally though I gave it a miss other than once at approx 30 weeks when it took me about 15mins to get my breath back!!

PetitFilou1 Thu 24-Jul-08 11:03:56

You will manage - because you have to! It isn't very helpful people telling you 'it can't be done'. Agree with others get a good sling (Bealcain on the Aug antenatal thread is an expert if you want advice on all the different sorts) for afterwards and do your shopping on the internet. I am 8 months pregnant and yes I would struggle with that many stairs now but take it slowly and you will still get up them - eventually. Keep your buggy in the hall provided your neighbours are ok with it (I used to live in flats when first had ds and everyone was fine) but don't leave any valuables in it... and get a light one!

Carmenere Thu 24-Jul-08 11:08:04

In all honesty, you can manage but you probably will do your damnest to stay in ALOT. I lived in a one bed top floor flat at the end of my pregnancy and for the first 18 months of dd's life and it was do-able but to be honest, very unpleasant. The quality of my life improved immeasureably when we moved.

MrsTittleMouse Thu 24-Jul-08 11:10:02

Chances are it will be fine. A friend of mine managed stairs and she had a big pram (but left it at the bottom, obviously - you would need to trust your neighbours). The only problem that you might have is if you have SPD during the pregnancy.
The whole space thing you will work out - the advice is that the baby sleeps with you for the first 6 months anyway.

ruty Thu 24-Jul-08 11:15:11

you will be able to do it, but it will undoubtedly be harder. Any chance of renting your flat out and renting somewhere on the ground floor?

nadssss Thu 24-Jul-08 11:36:28

Thanks so much for all your replies - so helpful.

I think our alternative plan is to rent the place out – and rent a two bed ground floor flat – but I am a bit daunted by the idea of being a landlord and also the prospect of the place being ruined by tenants and the possible sale price dropping even more. The whole recession thing is keeping me awake any way because of the loss of my income etc. Moan moan

Thanks again for all your advice – I do feel like I can do it now – and our neighbours will hopefully be okay. I’ll definitely get a detachable moses basket and a good sling. On the upside (the only upside) I guess the stairs will be good exercise!

hannah001 Thu 24-Jul-08 12:38:28

we've let our old house out because we couldn't sell it. We went with a decent estate agent rather than a student estate agent and the tenants have been fab - no problem at all. I agree it's daunting - but it sounds better to me than climbing 6 flights of stairs!

nadssss Thu 24-Jul-08 13:18:10

really? did you ask the estate agents to actually manage the flat once they'd found the tenants - or did you manage it yourself?

zoejeanne Thu 24-Jul-08 13:25:54

Nadssss - I couldn't do 6 flights of stairs, but that's because I'm not used to it. You are used to it, so will be much better at it than all those doubters. I bet you have the firmest bum and thighs ever!


belgo Thu 24-Jul-08 13:30:50

You will manage at the end of pregnancy because you are used to it. Great way of keeping you fit! I agree with getting a good sling and a lightweight pram.

hannah001 Thu 24-Jul-08 13:32:18

We chose to manage it ourselves as estate agents seem to be particularly extortionate for the management fees - though the tenants have just been fab - they've been in for a year and have not complained about anything. The only things that have been a faff so far have been to put to the deposit in a "deposit protection scheme" which is a legal requirement, and getting the gas boiler serviced annually (also legal requirement). I suspect that we'll have to completely repaint and shampoo the carpets when they go - but if you just accept that at the outset then it's not too painful. I am usually a worrying type and I barely think about it so it really can't be that stressful

nadssss Thu 24-Jul-08 13:34:58

thanks zj! I wish on the bum front - i've put on 6 pounds in only 12 weeks - i'd say most of it straight on the bum! Trying to embrace the roundness but secretly pretty horrified. Only another 2 stone to go (at least!)

nadssss Thu 24-Jul-08 13:48:54

thanks hannah - i think that sounds pretty good - i am going to look into all now. I guess we still have a few months to try and sell. Thanks everyone!

hanaflower Thu 24-Jul-08 14:01:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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