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Hyperemesis and size of baby

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waitingtobloom Wed 23-Jul-08 19:50:25


I am pretty sure I know the answer to this one and that things will be ok but just looking for some reassurance really.

I had hyperemesis and was being sick numerous times a day until around 30 weeks. I briefly recovered for a couple of weeks (only being sick once or twice) but then dreadful heartburn kicked in. Its so bad that it puts me off eating and I have just generally lost my appetite anyway. Although I would say the hyperemesis has gone I have to be careful in what I can eat and unfortunately/fortunately depending on your perspective all I really can eat is healthy food - a jacket potato with beans and cheese is going wild for me these days lol. To be honest I know I am not eating enough calories and force myself to eat chocolate or drink lucozade to make them up (never thought I would ever say that sentence lol).

I lost around a stone in first trimester and spent second trimester very gradually regaining most of this. I am now the same weight as when i got pregnant - am 34 weeks - but havent put on any weight in the last 6 weeks.

Anyway - bump has always measured pretty much right for dates but at my check up this week bump is measuring around 31 - 32 weeks when I am 34. Midwife commented on how "neatly" I was carrying before she even measured me and I get comments like this all the time which are not helpful. I realise 2 cm out is fine but remember in my last pregnancy (where i was the same with the sickness) DS started to grow more slowly - he was always about 3 weeks over until this point where gradually he reached the right measurements and was born 7.5 pounds. I am now worried that she will follow the same pattern and I am depriving her of nutrients and growth. Saying that there is not a lot I can do about this - Im not starving myself on purpose.

Really just want some reassurance that things will be ok or any tips for getting over this sickness and actually eating a vaguely normal diet.

Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx

AnnabelCaramel Wed 23-Jul-08 19:54:45

I was lucky and never realy suffered from sickness, but I didn't put on much weight and had very low amniotic fluid. Was told my baby would be small and would probably have short legs.
He was 7lb 1oz and is the tallest one at nursery!

Slouchy Wed 23-Jul-08 19:57:31

Had HG in both pgs. Hospitalised etc.
Babies were 7lbs13 and 9lbs1. They were fine.

Can't help r.e. diet - mine was shocking!

Your baby will be fine, I am sure.

misdee Wed 23-Jul-08 19:58:44

had HG in 3 previous pregnancies.

dd1 was 6lb 15.5oz
dd2 was 9lb!
dd3 was 7lb 13oz

you sound like you are eating healthily, and baby will be taking all it needs from you, they are almost like a parasite in this respect. (sounds awful i know, sorry, but best way to describe it)

with all 3 previous pregnancies, after giving birth i weighed less than before pregnancy.

KristinaM Wed 23-Jul-08 20:00:25

just remember that babies are parasites grin

they get first call on all the nutrients

baby will be fine. its you who feels like crap

KristinaM Wed 23-Jul-08 20:00:55

x posted

3littlefrogs Wed 23-Jul-08 20:03:01

I had HG with all mine. Babies were skinny and ate like mad and piled on weight in the first few weeks. They are all absolutely fine.

suiledonn Wed 23-Jul-08 20:29:47

I had hyperemesis in my last pregnancy. Was being sick numerous times a day until about 25 weeks and then maybe once or twice a day until the end. I was extremely limited in what I could eat - mostly Readybrek for breakfast and at night and then mashed potato and maybe some plain chicken for main meal. DD was 6lb3 on arrival. Quite small really but she really thrived once we got breastfeeding established.
I am 24 weeks pregnant now and had really intense sickness from 5-13 weeks and lost over a stone, but have only occasionally been sick since. I am interested to see what they say about size of this baby at next scan. I have a feeling it will be bigger.

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