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Hormones - please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lulu41 Tue 28-Jan-03 13:14:42

The ones that make you cry alot have kicked in and I am finding it very difficult to deal with the slightest thing and I want to blub all the time - has any of you experienced mums out there got any advice on how to not blow every thing out of proportion and keep sane!! Dh is pretty unsupportive which does not help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugsy Tue 28-Jan-03 13:44:07

Lulu, do you think that perhaps you could just be very, very tired and you need to rest a bit more. What sort of things are making you cry - things you can control or just random stuff? I think sometimes the brain goes into overdrive in pregnancy and women worry far more than they ever have done before: a nurturing instinct? I'm not sure. How far pregnant are you?

Enid Tue 28-Jan-03 13:56:16

Sorry Lulu, I dont know your history - are you pregnant? Whatever, this sounds like a phase that will pass - Bugsy is right, you may be tired and not realising it (a classic mistake that I make all the time). Get more rest, eat lots of nourishing food and drink Guinness! If you aren't pregnant, a homeopathic remedy called Sepia can help a lot - I took this for a couple of weeks (I had a d&c after Christmas and it made me feel quite low) and it seemed to work.

Crying is good for you - it releases lots of stress hormones and other nasties so don't try and hold it in - have a howl if you really feel like it!

Enid Tue 28-Jan-03 13:57:43

Sorry, just noticed that your post is in the Pregnancy thread so you probably are pregnant - doh! In that case it will DEFINITELY get better, don't worry - I was a wreck at the beginning and end of my last pregnancy.

Lulu41 Tue 28-Jan-03 14:06:12

I am tired but not much chance of taking it easy. Work full time mother of 5 year old ds. I vaguely remember being like this last time round but I cry watching soaps!! Dh makes me cry alot even when he is not trying to, rows just seem monumental I know I'm blowing things out of proportion but just feel so down when I feel I should be happy - thanks for your ears/advice. Think I might give sepia a go if it helps - thanks any more suggestions gratefully received

Bugsy Tue 28-Jan-03 14:57:41

Lulu, could you be anaemic? I was borderline anaemic through my last pregnancy, not enough to warrant alarm bells ringing at my ante-natal checks but once I started taking an iron supplement I felt so much better. Worth a try.

Jodiesmum Tue 28-Jan-03 15:51:49

Oh dear, I know just what you mean Lulu41, though I do seem to have got a lot better in the last few weeks. You didn't say how many weeks you are but is it quite early on? I felt beside myself from about 8 weeks - the emotional side seemed to go hand in hand with the awful sick/tiredness - and on some days felt I'd lost the capacity to enjoy anything whatsoever, especially motherhood. Started to feel better physically at 15 weeks but emotionally got even worse due to a combination of Christmas and amnio pending which made me cry every time I thought about it. I'm now 22 wks (amnio result all fine, thank God) and still crying at the drop of a hat, but it's mainly in that weird way where you're crying but not actually unhappy, just a bit over-emotional. Sometimes it's even kind of enjoyable - though won't try explaining that to DH who obviously thinks I've lost my mind. I don't know if this is of any help at all but try to remember you are NOT your hormones! Your normal self is still alive and well and will re-surfacp and somewhere along the line, maybe very soon. In the meantime, give yourself permission to be weird and eat plenty of chocolate!

mum2toby Tue 28-Jan-03 16:08:38

Hi Lulu41,

When I went to my GP with PND she recommended I try Sepia as well. I thought I'd like to try something natural and homeopathic. It has worked wonders for my self-control especially during trivial arguments with dp!
I don't know about taking it whilst pg but I'm reading the pack as I type....
....and unfortunately it doesn't say anything about that...

If you can though, try it. It's great!

Jimjams Tue 28-Jan-03 18:29:06

Homeopathic remedies are fine during pregnancy. If you can afford it I'd recommend having a couple of sessions with a registered homeopath- they'll be able to set you up with stuff for during and after the birth as well.

Incidentally a great remedy for morning sickness is ipec.

Lulu41 Thu 30-Jan-03 13:05:28

Thanks everyone just gone and bought myself some Sepia - praying it works as I have been in tears every day this week mainly due to Dh being just a pig

mum2toby Thu 30-Jan-03 13:21:17

Excellent Lulu41!! I mean about the Sepia, not dh being a pig....

I'm hoping you feel better soon, unfortunately there is no herbal remedy for men being pigs. Wouldn't that be wonderful though!!?? We could spike their coffee with it 3 times a day!! And up the dose on the run-up to special occasions....

What dosage of Sepia did you get? I've got 6c pillules, but there was also a 30c dosage for more acute problems.

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