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Mucus Plug

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nickymorris Wed 23-Jul-08 17:36:52

I'm 37+5 pregnant and think I lost my mucus plug today. My bump is huge (41cm over the bump at 36 weeks) so we're not worried about him not being ready yet...

My questions are though that the literature says that it 'should' be bloody/stained but mine was clear - does this mean it wasn't my plug?

Second question is around any ideas of how long that means I've got to go until labour kicks in...?

PetitFilou1 Wed 23-Jul-08 18:26:20

It sounds like it probably was a show but unfortunately no indication of when labour will start. There are MNrs who've had a show and who still had two weeks to wait...Good luck and no you don't need to worry about not being ready as you'd be counted as full term by now.

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