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Prams/Pramettes...... advice required

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kd73 Tue 22-Jul-08 22:15:26

We are expecting our first born at Christmas, although I drive its unlikely I will have access to car so need a sturdy good transport system for jnr.

We would like a backward & forward facing system which is quite compact (smallish house) and if possible a car seat fixed with a base.

We've been looking at the Chicco Trio For Me Travel System Package - but it appears quite fiddly particularly with the car seat on chassis (but how important is it???)

Also liked the M&P Pilko Switch - but it seems a bit flimsy and plasticy

The Loola is ptnrs fav, but practically no way to carry bags with it and with all the other stuff I am going to be carrying associated with baby, how will I manage shopping etc etc. Also some reviews I've read are not great reading.

Please help and tell me if you have one of these systems and how good they are OR do you have another type which is fab and ticks all the boxes or am I being to picky?

kd73 Wed 23-Jul-08 08:59:43


mmmmarmite Wed 23-Jul-08 11:41:49

Hiya...didnt want to ignore this. It's a minefield out there!!!! My dp and I spent hours looking at these and had similar requiremnts, in the end we went for the Cosatto Mobi, it doesnt match all your requirements, namely that the car seat doesnt have a fixed base and the carrycot is separate to the forward and rearward pushchair so not really space saving, but having said that we are in a small apartment and will mange space wise. It arrived a few weeks ago and we LOVE it, amazing value for money, looks great (call me shallow! blush and the extras you get for the money are fab (changing bag, bottle warmer, cosy toes yadda yadda) Also the car seat has a long base so if its a bigger baby it'll be comfortable for longer but you do need to check the car for good fit. we werent prepared to spend £600+ on one and agree that some seem flimsy or just dont meet what you want. Good luck!!!

LackaDAISYcal Wed 23-Jul-08 11:44:31

hauck infinity, or mothercare's own version of it called the maui. it has adapters to take a maxi cosi cabrio car seat which can have a fitted base in your car i think.

downside is the shopping basket is a bit small though.

MrsBadger Wed 23-Jul-08 11:48:18

if you don't have access to a car why bother with a carseat?
they're nowhere near as good for the baby as something that lies flat.

buttercupbabe Wed 23-Jul-08 16:30:22

M & P pramette has been very good. The only thing is that once baby is ready to sit up in it they face forwards. The baby seat clips on easily and there's lots of space for storing or hanging bags. Good luck with your decision, it's a difficult one with so much choice. Ps I was in m & p today and they had a sale on......

nappyaddict Thu 24-Jul-08 01:37:18

like to have one big pushchair for walking and a smaller one for the car so for the big one i like: fisher price kuji, traxx ecuador, mutsy, mamas and papas skate, ziko herbie, urban detour quantum, maxi cosi mura, gesslein f2, gesslein future, gesslein vision s.

For the small one i like the petite star whirl, luna, baby jogger city mini, bebe confort streety, bugaboo bee.

AlexandraPeppernose Thu 24-Jul-08 11:01:48

silver cross 3d

pgwithnumber3 Thu 24-Jul-08 11:25:59

Would you consider buying a second hand Bugaboo - they are fabulous. They don't look second hand either as they stay looking new for ages. You could probably get the whole package for £300 on ebay. They really are a great pram, especially as they face both ways and they push like an absolute dream.

Don't get a Pliko, they are shite. Had one wit DD1, binned it after 8 months.

MrsBadger Thu 24-Jul-08 11:27:45

bugaboos are a bitch to fold though, esp if you ever have to get on a bus

EffiePerine Thu 24-Jul-08 11:29:57

I still have the Pliko Pramette and it's sturdy and has lasted well (nearly 2 years). I'd get a separate carseat - putting babies in carseats for long periods (unless necessary) is not a good idea. Get something that lies flat.

The pramette is pretty easy to fold as well and narrow enough for buses etc.

pgwithnumber3 Thu 24-Jul-08 12:26:33

Maybe I was unlucky but I don't rate M&P prams for the money they charge. My cousin has just also sent her Pramette back as it needed four new wheels, again was only around 8 months old. Silver Cross is a better build in my opinion. smile

Yes the Bugaboo can be a pain to fold, never thought of that, especially on a bus. It depends how often you use public transport. On a train they are fine.

becaroo Thu 24-Jul-08 19:18:07

Silver cross 3d.

M & S Pramette very flimsy.

Loola lovely but v expensive IMO.

I got the whole 3 d system from mothercare for £345.

I loathe quinnys/bugaboos etc...they are horrid and sooo expensive for what they are.

Good luck smile

kd73 Sun 27-Jul-08 20:46:20

Thanks everyone for your advice....

We've decided to seperate the car seat and the pram system from each other which obviously makes things alot easier.

Current front runner is the bebe confort streetly with cot...

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