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Brown discharge in early pregnancy? Anyone else had this?

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lewpylew Mon 07-Feb-05 19:27:06

I am just over 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and woke up this morning to find some browny coloured discharge when I wiped(soory for TMI!). I have seen the doctor and called the maternity unit who say as long as it is not accompanied by pain it is fine and to rest and keep an eye on it.

Just wanted some reassurance! I have a stitch like pain but it is by my naval on the right hand side, so I think too high up to be connected to baby. I think I have probably pulled a muscle, but just worrying!

Please help!

Emma xx

BigWorrier Sat 12-Aug-06 10:13:52

Hi lemonfanta

A brown discharge at 6 weeks seems quite common but with varying results - some babies/some m/c. I too am 6 weeks and now have this brown discharge and am panicing big time after 2 m/c in the last year. I have had mild cramps for about 1.5 weeks with a on and off pain high up on right side. Let me know what happens and if anyone else has experienced this love to hear from you.

ricer Tue 22-Aug-06 18:50:06

Big Worrier -
I too have had a m/c b/f and then my last pregnancy was terminated due to molar pregnancy. I am now 6 weeks and have had mild cramping for 3 days and noticed some brown bleeding today. Its very light. I also read someone's post about shoulder pain...I have shoulder pain but it's in the high left shoulder. I didn't think that had anything to do with this? I'm waiting for a call back from the doctor. I too am scared due to the fact that this is the third pregnancy and i had to wait a year after terminating the molar pregnancy b/f we could try again. My thoughts are with you.

Piffle Tue 22-Aug-06 18:54:54

the shoulder pain comes from internal bleeding, is is pressure on the diaphragm
Are you getting one sided pain as well?

Piffle Tue 22-Aug-06 18:55:46

one sided abdominal pain I meant?

duchesse Wed 20-Sep-06 11:19:03

Has anyone out there had period-heavy bleeding in early preganncy (I'm 9 weeks) but without clots, been told that the embryo, whilst still alive and well, is three quarters surrounded by a haematoma (read- blood) and gone on to have a healthy preganncy? I'm googling like mad, but none of the research is very reassuring.

lolly9 Tue 09-Jan-07 15:42:17

hi everyone, im roughly 5 week preggy i did a test saturday. the next day i spotted blood which looked like period blood, it was only when i wiped myself. i have had no pains, then the following day i had a very light brown discharge. i went to the doctor and she was not giving me much hope and booked me in for a scan monday. i am still feeling sick in the morning, hunger pains, peeing more frequently, would you say this was a good sign, im so scared i just dont know what to think. ive got clear discharge now can you help sad

flicketypea Sun 21-Jan-07 10:39:39

I had spots of old blood at 5 weeks, went ot docs and was sent to EPU. They monitored me for a couple of weeks and hgc levels were not doubling but nearly.. they then told me that I was having an ectopic pregnancy... I didn't think I was the whole time.. no other symptoms.... they told me I had to choose between laparosc or methotrexate injection. We chose injection trusting their diagnosis.... we then had a scan and it showed the baby in the womb.... normal. I wish I had trusted my instinct.. they were wrong and killed our baby. think the original blood was from cervical erosion.

firsttimeprego Sun 25-Feb-07 05:53:19

I am at 9 weeks and have had moderate brown bleeding. Some cramps along with it. I was very worried, so I went to the ER. We did an ultrasound, saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. Doctor told me to sleep on my left side, *DRINK LOTS MORE WATER*, and no sex. Doc said sometimes a womans body may want to reject a perfectly good baby. This is my first pregnancy, so this may be the case. The tips above- expecially the water thing- should help my body adapt to the forign little love in my belly. He also said sex or an orgasm could induce false contractions which could be harmful. Sleep on my left side because it allows more blood flow to the placenta and uterus. I have read alot on the internet that bleeding at 7-9 weeks is normal. The cramp thing is what worries me. I hope this helps someone!!! Just take it easy! I am trying!

hotchoc Sun 25-Feb-07 07:30:37

hi, just been reading through this thread ans it coveres lots of what i was worried about so thanks, need to contact the medics for peace of mind i think. thanks

ellieandhattie Mon 26-Feb-07 11:35:05

I had this twice first time which was my 2nd pg sadly ended up in m/c but did develop quite a bit of a pain like a bad period pain about 12 hours after discharge started.

2nd time I had it on and off from 6-10 weeks with a similar sounding pain to yours and currently have my 7 week old dd2 in my arms

sammy1984 Thu 07-Feb-08 09:41:49

Hiya i thought i would post my story on brown discharge as i was so worried when it happened to me.

My partner and I had been trying to concieve for about 7 months. I had my last cycle on 25th nov 2007. At 8 weeks i started having brown discharge when i wiped, this really worried me as I had not had any morning sickness and i was also cramping and had lower back pain. I called my Mid Wife and she booked me in for an early scan. The scan showed that I was really only 6 weeks and 3 days so I must have ovulated early. The scan showed that the amniotic fluid was very low and that the embryo hadn't attached itself to the uterus wall correctly, leaving a small gap. She told me that we would just have to keep an eye on the pregnancy as she wasn't sure how it would go.

One week later I started to have slight bleeding along with the brown discharge. This really scared me, I called my Midewife again and she took me in for another scan. This time, the amniotic fluid was normal and the embryo had attached completely. I was overjoyed. She still had no explination for the bleeding but she says she was very happy with my progress and not to worry as bleeding in early pregnancy is very commen. I am not 9 weeks and awaiting my 12 weeks scan.

I was really upset during this time and now am more at ease. The dischrage and bleeding stoppped yesterday and my morning sickness also started this monring. Fingers crossed for all and try not to worry to much, grin

aiti72 Thu 07-Feb-08 10:29:48

Hi ladies, I've had some brown discharge this morning as well, and I'm 16 weeks pregnantshock. Really scary, trying to get in touch with my midwife now, but doubt they can do anything but wait.. Anyone else had it this late..?

Julezboo Thu 07-Feb-08 10:34:56

aiti - o had it right through till 20 weeks, hope you can get hold of your midwife x

thais Thu 07-Feb-08 16:26:24

Hi, I have the same problem. I am now 7 weeks and have a very light brown spotting but no pain. I had a scan last week but it was too early. It is not an ectopic pregnancy though. I just have to wait until my next scan in a week's time. I am concerned as this didn't happen with my first pregnancy. I wonder if this is something to do with the C section I had with my DD 10 months ago

nappynoonoo Thu 07-Feb-08 16:33:41

lewpylew, I had this at about 16 weeks, the MW said it sounded like old blood but said I could go down to the ADU if I was worried. I went and everything was ok.

I think it if it is red blood and acompanied with pain that you need to see someone.

Jope all goes well for you.

AVT Tue 04-Mar-08 12:55:02

I'm completely paranoid. I have done three pregnancy tests, all positive and have missed only one period.Doc says I'm about 5/6 weeks. I don't have any symptoms at all, no sore breast or sickness but this morning found a very slightly brown discharge when I wiped. It looks a little like a very early start of a period. Wondering if I really am pregnant, help!

Alibobster Wed 05-Mar-08 14:06:11

AVT, try not to worry, although easier said than done. I had some brown spotting at the start of my pregnancy, so much so I though that my period had come. It was only because it stopped after 1 day that I decided to do a HPT and got a BFP. The same happened again at 10 weeks but everything was fine. Oh and I never had any symptoms either,in fact if it wasn't for the fact that I can now see my ds who is 20 months old, I'd still find it hard to believe I was lucky enought to have ever gotten pregnant (hope that makes sense!)

AVT Wed 05-Mar-08 18:42:36

Thanks Alibobster, really appreciate the advice.

Alibobster Wed 05-Mar-08 19:51:22

No probs and huge Congratulations, forgot to say that earlier

Clairedaz Fri 21-Mar-08 20:38:50

I am 8 weeks pregnant with brown discharge. I had a scan at the beginning of the week as very worried - they could see a flicker within the sac so all is okay.
I am so scared though as last October had the same brown discharge (was not given a scan)at 9 weeks and it was not until my 12 week scan that I found out I had suffered a mis-miscarriage.
Does anyone know if these are connected?
Was told that I should only worry if red blood, trouble is I suffer from IBS so if get any stitch or cramps go into panic mode.

I know this should be a happy time but am so worried.

cheerfulvicky Fri 21-Mar-08 21:48:50

I had this in the early weeks of my pregnancy (I'm 18 weeks now) but it only lasted for a day, I think it was just one 'lot' as it were. When I mentioned it to the midwife at the booking apt I asked if it could have been implantation bleeding, and she said yes it could. Though it seemed a bit late for that. Anyway, the general consensus seems to be if there if no cramping or fresh red blood, you have less to worry about.
Hope things go well for you! Let us know.

stressylass Sat 03-May-08 14:24:43


Im about 7 weeks and jus had a bit of a break down at work becuse I had brown discharge.... had some yesterday too.... Had some mild cramps yesterday but nothing other than that.... I dont even hsve a midwife yet and all nhs direct have said is to rest.... I really need to know whats going on, it would kill me to get to my 12 week scan and find out its all gone wrong... Am I worrying over nothing? Would I e waisting time if I went to a&e?

sassy1978 Tue 06-May-08 19:30:49

im 5 weeks pregnant with my fourth pregnancy, two of which were happy endings.
i have had some bloody type discharge with period type cramps and slight back pain.
could anyone tell me if they have found second third or fourth pegnancies more painful and worrying

AitchTwoCiao Tue 06-May-08 19:42:26

flicketypea, that is awful, absolutely terrible, i'm so sorry for you and your baby and dh. sad the same thing very nearly happened to me with dd but because i'd had two eps already i actually knew more about the process than the doctors and demanded another scan before metho again.

to the OP, the fact is that no-one can diagnose you over the phone or internet really, but for the record the docs really mean it that you should tell them if you're in any pain.

don't you dare be brave or self-diagnose, just tell them everything. for me, i had a stitch over the side of my navel and no shoulder pain with my eps (because my tube hadn't burst yet). once i had red blood, once brown. they shoudl take you in and scan you if you report pain, as it could be very serious. otoh, i had low hcgs, pain and bleeding in another pregnancy and it turned out to be my dd who is sleeping peacefully in her bedroom right now... so as i say, it's not something that can be diagnosed without a lot of care and scans etc. good luck.

Lozz Tue 13-May-08 11:59:32

im 16 and really unsure whether im pregnant or not... i had unprotected sex a few weeks ago, i took the morning after pill but late on the third day so i knew it was less effective, the week after i came on my period and even though it only last 3/4 days and it usually lasts up to 6 i thought nothing of it, but today i found that i had brown discharge and ive never had that before.. so i looked it up and found this site and now im quite worried as other people have had it and have been pregnant.. HELP! what shall i do? Ive got a doctors appointment soon to talk about going on the pill shall i bring this up?

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