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strange food reaction in pregnancy?

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koonelly Mon 07-Feb-05 13:42:24

hi, wondered if anyone else experienced anything like this? Since becoming pregnant,only 10 weeks) if i eat any cheese i get what only can described as wobbly arms and legs! (they go all shakey and weak) and i feel light headed and faint(this happens about 15mins after eating just normal cheese sansdwich). l looked about on net but can't find anything. Haven't mentioned it to anyone, but am really wary about what i eat for fear of reaction. Any one else?

orangina Mon 07-Feb-05 14:33:53

have no idea what this might be, but bumping this anyway... good luck!

alux Mon 07-Feb-05 23:09:40

chocolate, sad to say. At 6 ferrero roche's and I could feel my feet swell to balloons in an hour. they stayed that way for 2 days. And it wasn't the nuts as I have been scarfing nuts to keep hunger at bay.

Levanna Tue 08-Feb-05 01:51:23

Tea with sugar made me feel 'wobbly' and sick. Tea without sugar, yum! EG Tea even better (I think that was more of a craving though!). But, I could cope with sugar in or on anything else.

Chandra Tue 08-Feb-05 02:03:01

Apple juice, it was my favourite before pregnancy but it made me sick during pregnancy (and even afterwards). I have just started drinking it again without the sickness... almost 2 yrs since DS was born.

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