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have had 20 week scan delayed

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kazbeth Mon 21-Jul-08 14:40:02

because I'm too fat apparently blush

I was expecting to have my scan at around 20 weeks but when I phoned they said that they wanted to wait until I was at least 22 weeks because of my bmi.

Anyone else had this? Is this normal? I didn't have any problems with my last pregnancy or birth and don't remember anyone even weighing me at all - no comments about my weight were made during my scans and I was about the same weight as I am now. Is this a new thing?

I've had 2 previous micarriages so the scan would have been great for making me feel better and more confident about this pregnancy. It's going to be a bit frustrating to have to wait longer so fingers crossed for 4 weeks.

Diet starts after the birth I think.

merryandmad Mon 21-Jul-08 18:56:09

I had mine at 20 weeks and did not have to wait any longer. Not sure what my BMI is- but i am larger than average (size 20-22). no one mentioned BMI to me for either dd1 or dd2!

kazbeth Mon 21-Jul-08 19:19:09

Thanks merryandmad, I know a few other not so skinny mums and don't think they've had to do this either. I've no idea what my bmi is either but I'm a size 18-20 but quite short so I expect it's pretty high.

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