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Private medical insurance

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tostaky Mon 21-Jul-08 14:12:11

I've got BUPA with work but im not sure what im entitled with the plan I'm on.
Do you know if it's possible to have , say, a breastpump reimburesed by BUPA if I buy one? Or acupuncture for the baby etc…? Would I need a note from GP or midwife?

Any experience?


SqueakyPop Mon 21-Jul-08 22:17:16

PMI usually doesn't cover normal pregnancy and birth.

If the baby needs treatment, you would have to get them added to your policy (this can usually be backdated to the birth if you do it within a certain period of time), and then get a GP's referral. All treatment needs a referral, because PMI does not provide Primary Care.

If you can find the brochure that came with your plan, it will show you what you are entitled to.

babylove123 Tue 22-Jul-08 11:57:16


I have PMI and im not covered for anything "maternal" so to speak on it. No scans, no delivery or anything. Its all an "add on" to their policies. Worth checking though.

star6 Tue 22-Jul-08 11:58:57

Same here.. I have private insurance (which I normally used for EVERYTHING... until pregnancy) Nothing pregnancy or the like is covered.

Sallypuss Tue 22-Jul-08 12:44:30

I have a BUPA policy through work and whilst I'm not covered for anything to do with pregnancy or delivery, they do say that under some circumstances they may cover a planned CS delivery. Haven't looked into it further as I'm (currently!) planning to go down the natural delivery route. May be worth checking the policy document if this is something you're considering.

ChocOrange05 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:54:56

I thought Private Medical Insurance covered you for unexpected pregnancy things - like emergency ceasareans or complications that require hospital stays?? Not sure but you should check your policy info or call their helpline.

slinkiemalinki Tue 22-Jul-08 13:31:32

Agree with ChocOrange - am confused, sure I replied to this thread yesterday, is it somewhere else as well? But my insurance will cover not just an em CS but any "for medical reason" (eg if baby breech etc), plus hospital stay and follow up consultation as necessary. A breastpump isn't medical equipment so can't see why you would ever get that - you wouldn't expect them to pay for formula and bottles would you? As for treatment for the baby, my policy (provided I add my baby to it, once born) covers some things but is not great on complementary therapies (why do you want your baby to have acupuncture out of interest??)

star6 Tue 22-Jul-08 14:04:06

I just called mine - they cover emergencies/medical probs in pg, too!! Thanks! I would have never even thought to ask about that!

ScaryHairy Tue 22-Jul-08 14:08:20

Do they really Star? That's interesting.

I tried mine during my pregnancy with DD when I was admitted to the hospital with high BP, but they told me that pregnancy and pregancy-related hypertension were not covered at all (save for emergency cs and follow-up). It was so annoying.

star6 Tue 22-Jul-08 14:17:34

ScaryHairy - there is a specific list of "medical problems" that they cover in pregnancy - not sure if high BP was one of them. I have the opposite problem (bp is too low) so I didn't take notice, either.

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