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Please help me with last few weeks...

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mmmmarmite Mon 21-Jul-08 12:14:38

Pls reassure me. For about a month now I've been suffering with small but very painful lumps in my lymph glands, esp under my arms, they are so sore despite looking innocuous and actually make lying on my side painful just to add insult to the general pg nuisance of not sleeping. THEN the antibiotics which were prescribed for the lumps havent worked (dr thinks from shaving but cant be as havent shaved or used deo...ewww and still getting them) and they've given me thrush and to top it all off have piles for first time ever and cream doesnt seem to be working. aaaargh. I just feel really low as was feeling preety good up until now and want to enjoy my last few weeks and not feel like this!!! Sorry for moan.

dinkystinky Mon 21-Jul-08 14:35:11

My sister had exactly the same thing (was caused by infected hair follicles following shaving) - it is really painful but the antibiotics will work eventually. Keep the area clean and dry - dont use deo or anything on it and use separate towel each time to blot off each area then put them in the wash immediately (stop cross infections). It will get better - the timing of it just sucks...

mmmmarmite Mon 21-Jul-08 15:21:01

Thankyou so much....

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