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Early pg help/advice please!!

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KaSo Sun 20-Jul-08 19:12:07

I'm asking on behalf of a 'real life' friend who's just found out she's 4wks pg. She's had a previous mc and is understandably really scared about this pg as it doesn't feel 'right'.
So, can anyone share their experiences, thoughts on these questions and see if we can reassure her a bit?

CM: She's not getting any CM at all right now, never mind the lots and lots of it that she was expecting. I always get increased cm so my experience isn't really reassuring her in anyway Has anyone not had any cm to speak of in early pg??

Stomach pain: She's feeling crampy and sore in the stomach, I think like you feel the day before a stomach bug kicks in? Any sick feeings are more bug like than pg like. She's also had the runs a bit..
Has anyone had this as an early pg thing? Or a pre-mc thing or has she just coincidentally got a bug the same week she's found out she's pg?

Thanks in advance peeps!

thehouseofmirth Sun 20-Jul-08 19:25:59

Poor thing!The early days are worrying for everyone but much more so when you've already experienced "the worst". I don't think a lack of mucus is significant and I had stomach pains on and off for weeks. It can be implantation, things stretching etc but also pregnancy does affect your digestive system and is quite normal.

Have you also posted this on the miscarriage board?

KaSo Sun 20-Jul-08 19:35:45

I hadn't thought of posting it there HOM, I guess I don't want to jinx anything! Thanks for replying..

gingerninja Sun 20-Jul-08 19:41:11

I'm about 5 weeks and have had the same, I seem to remember having period type pains and other ab pains for a few weeks with DD and went to the Dr. I'd tell her not to worry and to try and relax.

What is CM? cervical mucus? I didn't notice an increase in that with DD.

CaptainKarvol Sun 20-Jul-08 20:02:36

I'm also just 5 weeks, and totally relate to the fear and worry. If it helps my symptoms so far are:
increased CM, but only in week 3 (ie the week following ovulation), now all gone.
Cramping / stretching pains occasionally (which feel exactly like 'I'm getting my period' pains)
Tiredness around lunchtime, but then I also have an awful cold which might be making me quite run down.
Occasional runny tummy, which really confused me as last time I was (sorryblush) very constipated, and this time it's the opposite.
No sickness, no increased appetite, no nothing really except a bfp to remember.

I hope your friend is OK, it's such a worrying time. Wish we could all go straight into the second trimester without going through this worry.

Hants Sun 20-Jul-08 21:03:49

Hi KaSo you can get period type pains when you are pregnant, so thats normal (I have a DS 3.5 ys) I had 2 mc's last year and the only symptons I had was bleeding, I didn't notice anything else strange (i.e. like the symptons you are experiencing). I have heard no 2 pregnancies are the same, so you may not get the same feelings as others. It is a worry though, I just found out on friday that I am pregnant so I am also starting to wrroy about every twinge and cramp, is it normal, will I miscarry again?? I'm sure you are fine, take it easy and try not to worry - very very hard I know!

PS I never noticed any increase in CM (during any of my pregnancies).

Elsy Sun 20-Jul-08 21:11:23

I am 7 weeks pregnant and am getting really similar stomach problems. This is my second pregnancy and I didn't get any the first time round. Ever since I've been 4 weeks pregnant, I have been feeling like I have a stomach bug with abdominal pain and stomach upset. However, I also have IBS, so it could be that. Went to see Dr and she thought it was probably just the progesterone levels aggravating my digestive system, but said I could go for an early scan to reassure me. It's on Tues, so fingers crossed. I know what your friend means about the pregnancy not feeling 'right' - I feel the same way, but maybe that's just because it's different to last time.

funbags Sun 20-Jul-08 21:16:53

I had two MC before this pregnancy (now 13 weeks) and can relate to how she feels - you try and second guess every last thing.

She should try not to (practically impossible) but the things you are describing are not indicators of anything being wrong. I had no extra Cm till about 8 weeks gone. Had similar tummy troubles at the start but TBH I think that was just a mild bug - hers might be the same, or it could be anxiety doing it.

She should try and get and early scan if possible - about 6 and a half weeks is the soonest to see a heartbeat, but wait a bit longer if not totally sure about dates otherwise they may not be able to see the heartbeat as too small, and then she'll have another week of worry waiting for a follow up scan. I found the early scan very reassuring. She might need to be a bit pushy for the scan - docs etc could say there is no clinical need for one (a MW said that to me) but fortunatly a nice nurse at the early pregancy clnic had given me her direct dial as I had been there twice already. So try and find an nice sympathetic GP or MW to refer.

Personally I'd steer clear of the MC threads on here, unless she's actually having/had one (in which case it may be tremendous support, as it was to me) as she'll start worrying about even more things. Any concerns the GP/MW is the best person, or NHS direct can be quite good too. The first few weeks of pregnancy after MC are really tough but the worry does subside with time, any one in her position is likly to feel the same. I know I certainly did. Best of luck x.

Hants Sun 20-Jul-08 21:26:39

SOrry KaSo, I mean your friend (not you). I agree with funbags, get a referral to EPU to put her mind at rest.

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