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Help needed to find an outfit for evening wedding. (Im 35 weeks)

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Would be grateful for any suggestions only have a week to find something. Would like a dress even though it means trying to faff around with fake tan when I cant really bend down blush
Been looking for nice tops bandeau style could be ok, but not sure what trousers.


Rhian82 Sat 19-Jul-08 14:39:20

I've just bought a dress from BHS in the sale for a friend's daytime wedding in August. Not maternity but floaty enough to work fine. They've got a lot of dresses like that in different colours here - if you've got one near you it might be worth a look?

Next are normally good for swish maternity stuff, but their new directory only has black maternity dresses, not great for a wedding. If you've got a store that stocks maternity stuff near you they could be worth a look though, their old-season sale starts today. Their sale's online as well - can't see any dresses with a quick look, but could be good for trousers and top.

Thankyou. Yes have looked at next. Will check out bhs too. smile

MrsBadger Sat 19-Jul-08 15:13:30

If you lke I can lend you a brown chiffon Jojo dress that I wore for a wedding at (er) 36wks.
It's a 10, sleeveless, empire line, calf / low knee length with a wrap - effect bodice and good wide straps.

Mine was a day wedding so I wore it with a big hat and a straw bag but it'd definitely glam up for evening if you added some bling.

I can find soem pics fi you like

There's always lots in Ebay too as so many people buy them then only wear them once

MrsBadger Sat 19-Jul-08 15:32:32

in fact it's just like this one

ah bless you MrsBadger that is so lovely of you but I think Im more of a 12.
Although some of my maternity trousers and jeans are a 10 most tops are 12/14.
But thankyou so much for offering
The dress is gorgeous BTW. {smile]

blush obviously meant smile

MrsBadger Sat 19-Jul-08 18:41:23

it's actually very generous round the chest
if you;d like to try it in case let me know - it'll only be light to post

olyoly Sat 19-Jul-08 19:12:24

I have worn my IO ruffle wrap dress to two events and it gets tons of compliments. I love the purple color there is a sale on now

Kezza7779 Sat 19-Jul-08 23:58:00

from here to maternity .co .uk

have an airbrush tan!

reban Sun 20-Jul-08 16:58:47

try ebay maternity. Not looked recently but have seen some lovely dressy items on there before

Thank you all for advice, and MrsBadger thankyou again.
I really wanted to wear a dress but looks like having to be trousers as I tried out My st tropez spray today and it was green.
shock Does it go off?
Never have luck with fake tan and I am very very white infact no Im actually blue.

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