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Pregnant and overwhelmed -- what now?

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Boobz Fri 18-Jul-08 15:58:27

I just found out I was pregnant on Monday and have been trying to work out what to do next all this week, and am not really sure, apart from thinking of baby names.

I came off the pill at the beginning of May and haven't had a period since, so my Doctor reckons I'm 8 weeks pregnant or so. I on the other hand think I got pregnant at the end of June on holiday because a) we were really going for it, b) I did a test when I got back on June 30th and it was negative, but then I did another one on Monday and it's positive.

So am either 8ish or nearly 3 weeks pregnant - obviously quite different in terms of being close to the 12 week mark and being able to tell everyone.

Do people only tell everyone when they've had a scan? Can you have a scan at 8 weeks or would nothing show up (in case I am in fact 4 weeks out, if you see what I mean -- I want to have a scan as soon as poss but don't know whether to wait until I am defo past the 12 week stage?)

The doctor said he would make a referral for me but then I haven't heard anything and don't know whether to phone up and rush through?

What are the chances of miscarrying before 12 weeks? Was so happy but then started reading loads of stories on here about people miscarrying at 8, 10, 12 weeks and so on -- am now petrified. Have obviously stopped drinking and smoking and am taking Folic acid, but is there anything I can do to make help avoid m/c?

Sorry for inane questions - as you can see I am very new at this. Should the doctor have told me more about what to do next? He didn't even give me any literature, he just said the hospital would be in touch.

At least I've got the names.... I think....


pinkspottywellies Fri 18-Jul-08 16:03:09

My friend has just had an early scan at 7 weeks. Saw a heartbeat smile I think they can see from about 6.

If you're not sure what's what why don't you call the doctors to make suer you've been referred. Hospitals often have an Early Pregnancy Unit - I don't know if you'd be able to contact them directly. Might be worth a try to allay your fears.

I hope everything is ok and that you can get the info you need to settle in and enjoy your pregnancy.

Rhian82 Fri 18-Jul-08 22:30:48

We were in the same situation - I hadn't had a period in months when I got pregnant so we had absolutely no idea how far I was. We didn't tell anyone for a while, then just told a couple of close friends, when we were certain we were at least 7 or so weeks. By the time I finally got a scan I was actually 13+5 weeks pregnant - at which point we told Everyone!

Like you I was really paranoid about things going wrong and not wanting to have told people. Until you know for sure I'd only tell people you're really close to and really want to talk to about it - and whose support you'd want if things did go wrong.

Ooh, and congratulations!

funbags Fri 18-Jul-08 22:44:50

you can have a scan from 6 weeks but better to wait till 6 and a half to 7 if you can bear it - sometimes at bang on 6 weeks its too small to see heartbeat and they'll ask you back in a week - horrible wait. I saw HB at 6 wks and 3 days but it was still too small to measure/date at the time - less than 3mm, so went back at 9 weeks. Coming off pill could have done alsorts to your cycle so you will need a scan to date you - you may have conceived anytime from mid may onwards - pester GP to refer you for urgent dating scan. have you any symptoms and do you recall when they started? Everyones different - for me I had a inkling when suddenly i could not go through the night without getting up to pee and started having loads of dreams - that was around the time of implantation. I waited a few days and tested early. MN is a great place to get support but can be a scary place too when you read lots of sad stories. What I'd remember is that people are not good at talking about MC in real life and do it on here instead. Try not to focus on that stuff too much. You have every chance of a healthy pregnancy. Nothing you can do or not do in relation to potential for MC beyond common sense (ie dont partake in things where you might have an accident or go on a bender) and what you are doing already, so just try and enjoy your good news, after all plenty of people take months or years to conceive so at least you dont have that worry. As for telling people - everyone i know went for DP ASAP, nearest and dearest 6-8 weeks, whole world 12-13 weeks or when showing. This anxiety is normal, but dont go near anymore MC threads as it wont make any difference to your pregnancy, but will do your head in when you hormones are raging (quite likly to be the reason why you feel so wobbly). Trust me I have been there in the anxiety stakes, and this one still going strong so it was all for nothing. Good luck x

zebedee1 Fri 18-Jul-08 22:54:52

My dr also did a referral and I got a letter from the hospital about 10 days later with the date for my 12 week scan and a check up with a midwife. The scan will give you a clearer idea of how pregnant you are then I went in to see the midwife, she did all the checks (blood pressure etc) and gave me a folder and book for all my medical notes which I had to keep. The midwife gave me a list of all the appointments and checks I would have. I didn't get any literature from the Dr either!
I would really recommend the Queen Charlotte's Hospital Guide to Pregnancy and Birth (you can get it on amazon), it is a really sensible easy to read book which takes you through your pregnancy week by week.
We didn't tell anyone except my sister till after the 12 week scan just incase there were any probs - but most people guessed cos I was green and being sick at work!
Good luck with your pregnancy!

Boobz Sat 19-Jul-08 01:06:09

Oh wow what lovely posts everyone! Thank you so much, I feel much better already. Am going to wait another week for something to come through the post from the GP / Hospital and then give them a phone to hurry along. I figure I am probably only about 3 weeks along so will wait another month or so before having a scan and then take it from there I guess.

Have told my best friend and that's it so far. She's almost as excited as me, bless.

Thanks again for the support.

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