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missing...pelvic floor!! TMI......

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Pontypine Fri 18-Jul-08 15:57:54

sorry if this is TMI but i wanted to check that i am not the only one with this!

I am PG with my 3rd DC and i have suffered really badly from hayfever this year (never had hayfever and pregnancy before), everytime i sneezed i wee'd! nice!!

Now, my hayfever has stopped (ish) and i am finding that everytime i go for a wee and when i have wiped and got back off the loo, i end up leaking a little!

Is this my pelvic floor? is this normal in 3rd pregnancy?? HELP!!

dinkystinky Fri 18-Jul-08 18:04:02

It sounds like it is your pelvic floor Pontypine. Start doing those pelvic floor exercises religiously and speak to your GP/midwive about it. Also - make sure your bladder is totally empty when you go ot the loo by jiggling backwards and forwards at the end to get any last bit of leakage out and invest in some TENA pads. With plenty of pelvic floor exercise, am sure it will improve...

elibumbum Fri 18-Jul-08 20:11:30

I think extended periods of sneezing/coughing can weaken the pf further.

How many weeks are you?

This is my 2nd pregnancy over a hayfever season. I find tightening my pf muscles when I sneeze helps - but this is difficult when you sneeze a few times in a row! It is a good reminder to do my pf exercises though!

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