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first signs of labour

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pigleychez Fri 18-Jul-08 12:57:53

Hi all,

Im now 40+6 and desperate to go into labour naturally rather than being induced on Tuesday but had no signs of baby wanting out at all.

Had a sweep done on Wed morning and last night had a show/lost mucus plug.
Woke this morning with a stomach ache which has come and gone during the day. Constantly feel like i need a wee and damp like ive wet myself.
Tummy feels tight and uncomfortable.

Just wondered what everyones first signs of labour were...

Sam100 Fri 18-Jul-08 13:07:59

With no 1 - my waters broke - but then nothing happened for another 12 hours when contractions then started.

With no 2 - I had a really bad nights sleep v uncomfortable and felt really crap in the morning - so sent no 1 to gran's for the day so I could go back to bed. But could not get back to sleep so pottered around, had a bath, then started throwing up! That was when contractions kicked in and no 2 came 4 hours later.

With no 3 - he was making no move to come on his own so I was induced - the idea of that had been stressing me - but actually it was fine. Contractions kicked in about 5-6 hours after the gel was applied then was quite quick and no 3 was born in the hospital birthing pool a couple of hours later!

Sounds like you could be on your way - potter around to take your mind off things - watch a good film and try to have a sleep if possible, while you still can!

LackaDAISYcal Fri 18-Jul-08 13:08:07

never had any as I was induced with No1 leading to em CS and then an elective CS with No2....but will watch with interest as hoping for natural delivery with No3 in November

but it sounds like things might be starting for you! Good Luck smile

PS if you think your waters have broken it's worth chatting to your MW and seeing whether they want you in. I think they let you go for 48 hours after waters going to go into labour naturally

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