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Oh no!

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aloha Sun 06-Feb-05 12:33:39

Due to go in tomorrow for c-section....but have gone down with disgusting flu-type virus. Alternately sweating and shivering, aching, running nose, cough, feel - and look - like death. So will almost certainly put it off for a day or two. The idea of looking after a baby when I feel like this makes me want to cry! So fed up.

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 06-Feb-05 12:34:39

Oh f*ck. That's all you need .

essbee Sun 06-Feb-05 12:45:25

Message withdrawn

essbee Sun 06-Feb-05 12:45:48

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sun 06-Feb-05 12:47:07

Oh no (as you say!).... that's a bummer..... well lots of TLC and you'll quickly feel better

anorak Sun 06-Feb-05 12:51:30

Oh poor you aloha. Lots of hot lemon and honey and homemade soup with plenty of garlic, spoon fed by your dh.

misdee Sun 06-Feb-05 12:54:02

oh no

edam Sun 06-Feb-05 12:56:47

Oh poor you. Guess you don't want to ward off the cold with a curry?

Socci Sun 06-Feb-05 12:58:35

Message withdrawn

DecafArabica Sun 06-Feb-05 15:15:20

What rotten luck, hope you're feeling better soon--what do the hospital say about delaying your section?

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:18:38

Oh poor you, aloha - what terrible timing.

Would definitely delay the section if possible - ds2 was born when we all had terrible colds and he caught it at a few days old - not good

Hope you feel better soon.

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 06-Feb-05 15:34:41

Hope you recover soon, definitely not a fit state in which to have a cs!

Angeliz Sun 06-Feb-05 15:36:10

Oh no, i hope you feel better soon!+

Frizbe Sun 06-Feb-05 16:19:04

argh what a nightmare, hope hospital ok with delay and you get better soon {{Hugs}}

lou33 Sun 06-Feb-05 16:23:40

look after yourself and take care xx

ScummyMummy Sun 06-Feb-05 16:52:30

Poor you. I think that might be the flu I had (twice grr) and it's horrid. Must be really disappointing to have to put off the birth too. Hope feel better really soon. xxx

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Feb-05 17:07:37

Oh no! I hope it goes soon and you have a lovely babe by the end of this week.

aloha Sun 06-Feb-05 18:20:12

Pupuce, at this rate I really will go into labour!

Twiglett Sun 06-Feb-05 18:23:24

you have my sympathy aloha, its a nasty bug when you're not pregnant let alone when you're 39 weeks

of course, you should be blaming coddy, she's already admitted its all her fault (that's this bug, tensions in the middle east, CD's dog puking, troubles in NI etc) .. so it is obviously the fish's fault

aloha Sun 06-Feb-05 18:24:49

oooh, yes I like the idea of someone to blame!
Going to drag my rotting carcase back to bed now. Thank God my mum is available to look after ds.

pupuce Sun 06-Feb-05 18:24:52

LOL Aloha.... I wasn't thinking that !!!
Hey you never know you might like ot labour that is... not sex
Labour with flu is of course unpleasant!!!!

beansprout Sun 06-Feb-05 18:49:27

Boo!! Hope you feel better soon xx

highlander Sun 06-Feb-05 18:59:42

take care sweetie; maybe it's just a 24 hour thing?

motherinferior Sun 06-Feb-05 19:02:06

HEEELLLL. So sorry!! Horrible! You poor love! I was just thinking about tomorrow and how you were feeling - but NOT imagining this!

Beetroot Sun 06-Feb-05 19:05:21

Message withdrawn

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