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DS77 Thu 17-Jul-08 21:57:53


My wife is 18 weeks pregnant and i have been reading that it is about this time that a fetoscope can be used to listen to your baby's heartbeat.

I've seen that they are relatively cheap and they sound like they could be a reassuring way of checking the development of your baby as the pregnancy goes on.

Has anybody used one of these before at home? It sounds lovely but i'd be a little concerned if i couldn't find a hearbeat, which might be down to my obvious lack of medical technique rather than anything too sinister!


ShowOfHands Thu 17-Jul-08 22:01:47

I had a doppler. The key is not to expect the heartbeat every time and not panic if you can't hear it. I only used it between about 14 and 19 weeks as the baby then moved regularly so didn't need the reassurance.

Congratulations btw.

madmouse Thu 17-Jul-08 22:10:50

Before you buy one think about what sort of -person you are. i did not buy one, as I am such a worrier that I would have spent the entire day listening in. And as I discovered when my son became big enough to kick, he absolutely hated the thing, it somehow really bothered him, so i am glad he only had to put up with it at mw appt.

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