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diddybobster Thu 17-Jul-08 14:21:46

Hi, this is my first time using mn and I am hoping for some advice re giving birth abroad. I have seen posts from a few other ex pat mums and guess that you are reading and posting from all around the world. Briefly, my DH and 2 children (11 & 8) moved to Nigeria from the UK in April 2008. I am now 5 months pg and having a dilemma about whther to have the baby in Nigeria, or return to the UK for the birth (not liking the idea of long separation from DH and children) Does anyone have any advice? Is anyone based in Nigeria and able to recommend a hospital/obstetrician/midwife? Many thanks

Kew08 Thu 17-Jul-08 15:21:04

hi there. I know a fair few people who have been in your predicament. Most had the baby here and went back after the vaccinations. Older kids stayed with dad/parent or came here with a nanny (or two). Good luck!

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