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Anyone else get a bit spotty during pregnancy?

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pgwithnumber3 Thu 17-Jul-08 12:13:13

I did with DD1, didn't with DD2 but am getting a few spots around the back of my neck and forehead with this pg.

What can I use to help clear them? I hate spots, they make you feel bloody horrible. Especially with the fatbelly cute tummy I am currently sporting.

MrsBadger Thu 17-Jul-08 12:17:07

SIL (usually has great skin) got terrible spots - my skin, however, had never looked better. We ascertained it was the hormones taking us back to our pre-teen years.

Because it's hormonal the teenage-skin ranges often help - I like the Johnsons' Clean & Clear stuff. Using a muslin (a baby one will do) for gentle exfoliation with a foaming cleanser is good.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Thu 17-Jul-08 12:43:02

Ew yes, was terrible on my face at first, not not so bad but I am much more prone to ingrown hairs angry

KSal Thu 17-Jul-08 12:50:47

I have had them quite bad, particularly on my back.

quite frustrating because i had just got rid of them after coming off the pill... then the buggers come back as soon as i'm pregnant. they are settling down a little at 6 months... i'm hoping that they will go completely soon after i've given birth!

WellyBelly Thu 17-Jul-08 12:52:30

Hi...I totally sympathise, very bad spots nearly all the way thru and only improving slightly now at 30+ weeks. Normally have pretty good skin so was bit of shock and although have felt very shallow for it it really knocked my confidence esp when I didnt start 'glowing' like I was promised!!! Best things for me just to fend off the worst: lots water, dermalogica cleanser, avoid heavy creams/lotions, Doc prescibed a topical solution at one point when was very bad but didnt seem to do a lot and also not sure if coincidence but started taking Floradix when was feeling washed out and within 4 weeks skin looking lot better tho don't think will be anything like pre-pg state until babs puts in appearance. But do agree its bloody horrible! Good luck.

mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Thu 17-Jul-08 13:31:04

I have also had them this time, but not with ds. They are on my chest and neck, not easy to cover up in the summer!
Keep scrubbing myself with antibac washes, seems to be calming down. Glad I am not alone on this as it isn't nice.

pregnancy1 Thu 17-Jul-08 17:33:59

I've had this too. I've never had spots, not even as a teenager, but developed lots of under skin ones on my face and giant ones on my back - bleurgh. Cleared the ones on my face by using heavy-duty moisturiser for dry climates (but recommend you take advice from a beauty counter - mine were apparently becuase my skin was so dry!). The ones on my back are trickier - using a buff puff in the shower and getting DH to moisturise it every morning has helped (also use clarins blemish spot stick on them)

wasabipeanut Thu 17-Jul-08 17:37:43

I had spots with ds but oddly only in the 2nd trimester. Literally, as soon as the sickness faded the spots kicked in! Then they faded away after about 30 weeks.

I used Neutrogena type stuff -I don't think it really did a lot,especially top those nast hormonal zits I had around my mouth, but it made me feel better.

pgwithnumber3 Thu 17-Jul-08 19:58:18

Glad it's not just me then! wink

Bought some of this fabstuff

I used it when I got a big spotty after having DD1 and it was great, hope it works again this time!

Thanks ladies for your advice.

EBenes Thu 17-Jul-08 20:02:55

I had adult acne before my first pregnancy (with dd) and my spots actually cleared up. This pregnancy has come back. So now I think I am having a boy - apparently there's a link between boys and spots, maybe because of the hormones the boy makes? This could be made up.

pgwithnumber3 Thu 17-Jul-08 20:13:01

Ohh, Ebenes, hope that is true! Would love a boy after having two DDs (although would equally love a girl, just nice to have a son!).

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