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Has anyone experienced this?? Just body 'getting ready' or something more??

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MrsMagooo Thu 17-Jul-08 09:40:21

Hello ladies,

I am currently 37+2 with my 2nd baby & am geting very fed up.

Have been desperate to reach the 37 week mark as baby tried to come at 33+0 which thankfully the MW's were able to stop happening with a drip.

Anyway.....for the past 4 nights/early morning I have been getting what feels like mild(ish) contractions. They are in the same place I felt them with my DD although this time they are creeping round my back too (didn't get that with DD) - they aren't agony but painful enough to make me sit up & take notice & occassionly have to breath through.

Trouble is they keep stopping

Am I going to go on like this for weeks??

Anyone had this??

At my last appt baby was 3/5ths IN but I think he has moved down again as I have so much pressure in my bum & lady bits - it's been so much at times I could barely sit down.

Felt very uncomfortable & restless yesterday.

Am sooooooooooooo exhasuted through lack of sleep wondering how much longer this will be going on for!!

TIA for any answers


Romy7 Thu 17-Jul-08 09:43:44

went on for two weeks with me.
and for the second week i was producing enough of a show to convince me i was about to pop at any second.
in fact, we were away and i even rang the local hospital and asked if they could deliver me if i went into labour in a hurry!
didn't happen - my waters went 12 hours after i got home!
good luck!

MrsMagooo Thu 17-Jul-08 09:52:34


Looks like I'm in in for the long haul then

twelveyeargap Thu 17-Jul-08 10:24:31

Hello again MrsMagoo. We're in the same boat. I'm 38+4 (on third baby) and am getting "contractions" at night. Gagh.

Fingers crossed for the full moon tonight/ tomorrow. wink

FWIW, when I was overdue on DD2 and had had about 4 sweeps and still had an "unfavourable" cervix, I did go into labour spontaneously and have the baby in a few hours. That stuff they write on your notes - it's helpful, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Just because you're not fully engaged, doesn't mean you're absolutely not going to go into labour.

MrsMagooo Thu 17-Jul-08 10:56:37

Thanks hun

I'm hoping the Full Moon works it's magic too wink

With DD I somehow got to 3cms without any contractions at all hmm they gave me a sweep at 39+4 (which is when she told me I was 3cms) & went into labour that evening.

I'm hoping all these 'contractions' are least dilating me a little bit otherwise I'll be well cheesed off PMSL!

Lots of labour vibes to you


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