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I saw the consultant yesterday and he told me things im not sure I want to know

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iMum Wed 16-Jul-08 18:46:23

Like he is convinced I have protein s deficiency or some other sticky blood problem. That if it had been identified earlier then my dd would be alive today and I would have had all those miscarriages etc.
That even tho I am 20 weeks I must start taking asprin now and wait for an appointment to come through from the heamatology clinic.
I was quite happy really thinking i had just had bad luck, that my dd just died like some babies/people do and there was nothing we could have done. In true to form style tho I sat there all egar to please nodding and smiling like being in the prescence of greatness really I just wanted to run away.
Oh and this was before he teased me about possibly needing to change the sex of the baby ( Weve been told its another boy but he played me along a bit saying shall I change your mind, you havent bought anything yet have you and so on before saying no really it is a boy)
I was a wreck after all that but still think he is a nce man whos hands i put my unborn childs into, gah!

ramble ramble ramble

umberella Wed 16-Jul-08 19:08:58

oh god <<<hugs imum>>>.

umberella Wed 16-Jul-08 19:10:00

it's good they are looking after you

so sorry to hear of your little dd sadx

madmouse Wed 16-Jul-08 21:33:07

It is a double edged sword isn't it, knowing the reason for your loss and knowing then that it could have been prevented.

Was someone with you? Maybe it helps next time to think that you are speaking up for your baby rather than ourself.

Hey, and His greatness has to wipe his bottom like the rest of us. He is only a doctor hmm

I so hope al goes well with your pregnancy and that you will hold a healthy baby t the end.

whiteorchid Thu 17-Jul-08 17:01:42

I'm sorry to hear about your DD.

Sounds as if he's got a slightly odd 'bedside manner', which can be quite unsettling. Having said that, he doesn't sound unkind, and it looks as if he's doing the right thing in referring you to the haematologists.

Agree with madmouse, he's only a doctor. Next time, take someone with you, and make a list of questions before you go. That might make you feel more in control of the consultation.

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