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Hereditary? - Early Menopause & Pre-eclamcia (sp!)

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A new poster so sorry if I get any of the acronyms wrong!

DH and I are planning on ttc next year (I need/want to lose 35lbs blush and sort money first) and I've some questions I'm hope you guys can help with.

My DM started the menopause early (42), she’s also certain than her DM and DSis started before 45. Also she had serious pre-eclamcia when pregnant with me.

Is early menopause hereditary? Do I need to be considering its potential impact on my fertility?

Is pre-eclamcia hereditary? Would I be more likely to be under consultant led care than midwife?

I have issues with hospitals and was hoping then when the time comes that I could use the very well respected local birthing centre but they will only deal with low risk simple pregnancies. If it’s more likely to be hospital care I need to be thinking about addressing some of my ‘issues’ sad

Sorry it’s so long - thanks

PetitFilou1 Wed 16-Jul-08 18:07:53

bump for you. I think early menopause does run in families but that's just what I've heard - someone more knowledgeable will come along soon I'm sure. Maybe the ttc threads might get you some answers?

cheerfulvicky Wed 16-Jul-08 18:25:31

Pre eclampsia can be hereditary, but it isn't a given. I told my doctor and midwife about my mum (and possibly grandmother) having it, and I was assigned a consultant but have never met him, it was more a 'just in case' thing. I see the community midwife team for all my appts and am treated as a normal pregnancy really.

Not sure about the menopause thing though!

Thanks both - points to think about smile

madmarriedNika Thu 17-Jul-08 21:29:33

If an immediate family member suffered with pre-eclampsia (PE) e.g. a sister or mother it does make you at higher risk of developing it in pregnancy than the rest of the population.

In addition I'm afraid to say a high BMI also make PE more likely.

When you fall pregnant, possibly before, you should talk to your GP about your family history and ask to be put under consultant-led care at a hospital maternity unit. They will probably want to do a few additional tests during your pregnancy and more frequent blood pressure & protein in urine monitoring.

There's some good PE-related info at:

Good luck with TTCing when you decide to

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