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gap in tummy muscles - any advice??

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funbags Tue 15-Jul-08 23:06:34

Am about 12 weeks and lying in bed reached forward for remote and felt this gap between my abs. I can fit the side of my hand in it. After DD1 i did have a belly for ages, even after weight loss but exercised and it sorted its self out, though I never noticed the gap before now. Is there anything i can do about this now? Worried bump will be even bigger if nothing there to hold it in and that stomach which ended up not too bad (considering I put on 5 stone before dropping DD1) will be trashed completly/get stretchmarks etc. I look quite big already to the extent that 5 people at work have asked me if i have "any news?". Trying to hide it and hold out a bit longer on acct of previous losses - some people so excited at prospect of gossip they lose all consideration/sensitivity!

LeonieD Wed 16-Jul-08 07:50:32

Message withdrawn

LeonieD Wed 16-Jul-08 07:55:48

Message withdrawn

lulalullabye Wed 16-Jul-08 07:57:18

You must never sit up straight from lying down. Roll onto your side then get up. The less strain you put on your muscles the better.

greenlawn Wed 16-Jul-08 10:56:18

Mine closed up but I'm now on no.4 after twins and a big single baby, and starting to pull apart again. I had physio and I have to say it was fantastic. My separation was pretty big - handwidth about 6 months after my first babies. It closed but you have to keep doing the recommended exercises for the rest of your life and also follow the advice given as to posture/rolling onto your side etc as mentioned above - and it will never be as strong as before. For now there's probably not much you can do, other than trying not to make it any worse (eg don't try any sit-ups, watch your posture).

funbags Wed 16-Jul-08 19:08:35

oh bugger. right will try the belt thing, not sit straight up and try not to get to fat this time! thanks for advice, as ever most useful. x

hatcam Wed 16-Jul-08 20:10:59

evening funbags - congratulations and hope you're feeling ok

ask your midwife about the separation, as the earlier you get a physio referral the better

in almost all cases 'tis fixable, don't panic, some separation of the abs is completely normal. You usually notice it just above the tummy button. It is important to get the right advice on lifting/moving/getting up etc and advice on exercises for when you've had the baby.

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