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Iron level 9.4?? Advice please!

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WombFor1More Tue 15-Jul-08 11:45:38

I have barely been able to move for last 2 days partly due to having had a nasty sickness bug all weekend but I'm pretty much over that, now I just feel awful sad

Sooo breathless I couldn't even walk ds to nursery today and just climbing the stairs I have to rest at the top. I am 29wks now, had bloods done last Thurs so just phoned docs to see if they could give me any idea if results were back. She said she posted me a prescription yesterday for iron tabs as level was 9.4

So is this why I feel so bad?? Is 9.4 really bad or about average? I just want to be normal again!!!!

star6 Tue 15-Jul-08 12:03:10

I was at 4.8 for a couple of weeks... exhausted!!! Back up to 7.something now and tired, but definitely making it through the day They assured me that baby wouldn't be deprived of any iron, just me. Spatone with orange juice works better at getting the level up than iron tablets do and iron tabs cause more constipation.

belgo Tue 15-Jul-08 12:07:02

9;4 is below what it should be, and iron tablets should help get it back to normal fairly quickly. Having said that, many women have slightly low iron levels during pregnancy without problems, but seeing as you feel awful , I would take the iron tablets. They never caused me to have constipation. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron, milk and tea will hinder the absorption.

Star: 4;8 is exceptionally low - why is it so low?

Ewe Tue 15-Jul-08 12:07:19

10 is when they start to suggest iron tabs so you're only just under the level where they start to worry. Just get on the spatone or floradix ASAP, you have plenty of time to get them back up

ShowOfHands Tue 15-Jul-08 12:07:25

My iron levels are always around 9 and I struggle to keep them there (not pg though, they were lower when pg). I couldn't take the tablets, the constipation was horrendous. I drink Spatone in orange juice and make sure I eat lots of iron rich food and vitamin c. I lost a lot of blood during an em cs, have heavy periods and am bf a toddler which all contributes.

The breathless and fatigue are definite indications of anaemia. Bear in mind the tablets will take a few weeks to start taking effect.

WombFor1More Tue 15-Jul-08 12:12:00

Thanks for the advice smile

I'll have to start the tabs when I get the prescription tomorrow as my teeny town doesn't sell Spatone, I tried to get some last week but alas.

Can you take them both together as I should be able to get some at the weekend?

WombFor1More Tue 15-Jul-08 15:20:39

Quick bump to see if anyone knows if I can take the tablets and Spatone together??

Thanks smile

ShowOfHands Tue 15-Jul-08 15:57:43

Yes you can. Spatone is good too as it's easier for the body to absorb than tablets. Take your iron with vitamin c to help absorption (glass of orange for example). I do know some people who have managed to blag spatone on prescription. Might be worth a try...

Hope you feel better soon. The exhaustion/dizziness is horrific. I remember sitting on the stairs halfway up when pg as I was wiped out from the anaemia.

Slickbird Tue 15-Jul-08 19:19:27

Hey, I had to watch my iron levels with DD2, and platelette levels which was a bummer as I felt like a pin cushion from the constant monitoring! However the iron tabs should help you and you can help top it up with things like apricots, brazil nuts and you shouldn't get constipated (esp not with the dried apricots!!) - I've never been constipated yet with iron tabs, but everyone's different. Hope you feel better soon.

star6 Tue 15-Jul-08 19:20:24

belgo, i have no idea why it's so low... I was getting blood tests every few days for a while and it went back up to 7 and once to 9, now back to 7... the dr and mw assured me that baby is getting all he needs, so if I'm exhausted I just don't care anymore... took spatone, tried iron tablets... my body just isn't absorbing the iron in pregnancy.

But dr said today taht I could take spatone and iron tabs together, so I think the answer to that question is yes

WombFor1More Tue 15-Jul-08 19:35:45

Thank you so much for that grin Will hunt some down at the weekend. CAn't believe just how bad I feel sad Hopefully taking them both will give me the boost I need

ilovemydog Tue 15-Jul-08 19:38:57

I had to have iron tablets and was horribly constipated [sorry, if this is TMI]

Be sure and keep this in mind. Drinking lots of water helped. Prune juice is disgusting

star6 Tue 15-Jul-08 19:46:37

and make sure to take them both with orange juice for most absorption I found that eating more wholemeal bread (I don't usually eat loads of bread) helped... this has iron and it gives a lot of good long lasting energy!

Also... found out from a previous thread - Dark chocolate has iron as well Yum!!! (but shorter energy boost than the wholemeal bread)

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