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Who do I contact for antenatel advice??

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Kelly1978 Fri 04-Feb-05 10:10:23

Sorry me again - I posted about suffering from severe rib pain, which is now got me stuck in bed.

I'm thinking maybe I should call someone for advice, I can't actually get out so can't just go to doctors. Who do I call tho?? I don't have any number for a midwife for my antenatel care, and I really don't know who I'm supposed to contact.

Where I used to live I had a midwife I could contact, but here I can't even seem to get seen more than once every 3 weeks, and I can't wait another week and half to speak to the consultant.


misdee Fri 04-Feb-05 10:14:26

how far along are you? can u call delivery suite and speak to midwife on the phone.

nnosam Fri 04-Feb-05 10:15:16

call the NHS direct line
0845 46 47.
i find them fantastic and really helpfull,
if you do need a doc or midwife they can give you the number for them.
also you should be able to get your m/wifes number off you doctors recepcionist....

Kelly1978 Fri 04-Feb-05 10:28:17

I called the midwifeand no help whtsoever. They jsut saying take paracetamol, and go to dr or get earlier antenatel appointment. They obviously don't understand what stuck in bed means. I feel really fed up now.

Gem1355 Fri 04-Feb-05 11:30:30

Hi Kelly sorry to hear your not well, can't you ring the DR's and get him/her to come out to you? If you ask i'm sure they will.

Kelly1978 Fri 04-Feb-05 15:35:29

Hi Gem, If things get any worse I am going to call the dr out. Atm I'm just stuck in bed, I've got cramps too and I'm kind of hoping I'm jsut going to go into labour.

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