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At what stage do you feel baby move?

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Lulu41 Thu 23-Jan-03 14:06:53

I am 14 weeks in my second pregnancy and had some very odd sensations already - cant remember when I first felt baby move with my first pregnancy ???

sprout Thu 23-Jan-03 14:16:13

I didn't notice a thing with dd til 22 weeks - and then realised that the "indigestion" I'd felt for a few days was the baby! But people say that you recognise the signs earlier with subsequent pregnancies.

SoupDragon Thu 23-Jan-03 14:24:24

I think you also feel them earlier because your stomach muscles have gone to pot!

I felt DS1 at about, um, 18 weeks or so - before the 20 week scan anyway. I recognised the sensation with DS2 much ealier at about 14 weeks I think, so it could be the baby, Lulu41!

AngieL Thu 23-Jan-03 14:29:17

With my first I felt my dd moving at about 16 weeks, with my ds I swear blind I felt movement from 11 weeks. With my third pregnancy though, I didn't feel anything 'til much later on. If you can feel something, I would say it probably is the baby. You've made me feel all broody now!

sobernow Thu 23-Jan-03 14:33:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katherine Thu 23-Jan-03 16:04:38

With first baby I felt movement as soon as I got on the ferry to ireland at 17 weeks - he obviously liked the vibration of the engines. A few days later DH could feel a bum or something sticking out. With second pg it was earlier - 15 weeks I think. Can't wait to feel things with no 3 - will help put my mind at rest, but then I do have a bit more padding now!

lou33 Thu 23-Jan-03 16:11:27

I was like angie, about 17 weeks with the first and about 10 weeks with the second, the last two I can't remember!

colette Thu 23-Jan-03 18:22:40

Two weeks ago at 15 weeks (2nd)with my first about 20wks.
Katherine I said to Dh it will be a month or so before he can feel it - after reading your message I'm hoping it will be soon !!!
Or maybe you had a huge baby or a lot les fat on your tummy than me!

Katherine Fri 24-Jan-03 10:36:45

Colette - no he wasn't a huge baby. Only 6lbs at birth (although he was 5 weeks early) and he's still tiny now. Still wearing age 3 clothes although he'll be 5 this summer. DD was a bit bigger 7lb1.5oz but that is still not big so I don't think the size of the baby makes the difference. It felt like something pushing from the inside and when you felt you could feel a hard lump, quite rounded, sticking out. DH could also feel it and even see it before long.Maybe they were both just trying to find a way out seeing as they both arrived early.

mum2toby Fri 24-Jan-03 10:43:35

I felt ds move at 17 weeks. Isn't it just the most amazing thing??!
'They' say you feel the second moving much earlier.

slug Fri 24-Jan-03 12:41:47

I felt the sluglet at 16 weeks. We went to a Nick Cave concert. The band came on, hit a long bass note and the sluglet kicked back. Dh was VERY impressed.

Cha Fri 24-Jan-03 15:14:19

I felt the first at about 20 weeks (was getting worried) - swear I have felt no 2 already though can only be 10 weeks at the most.

Bears Fri 24-Jan-03 22:42:13

From reading all this, I know for sure now that I can feel my little one (2nd pregnancy) at 14 weeks & have done for at least a fortnight. MW reckons it's 'just my gut' - No sorry Mrs, I KNOW it's my baby - don't care what you say!!

BTW, didn't feel ds moving 'til about 20 weeks.

clucks Fri 24-Jan-03 22:45:28


You are feeling the baby. I didn't feel my 1st until 20 weeks. This one's been noticeable since week 13 and MW agrees that it can be so.

Bears Sat 25-Jan-03 22:32:03

I'm really excited about feeling the baby this early, even if it is 2nd time round. I just hope it doesn't mean this baby's going to keep me awake in a few weeks' time. I was lucky with ds being so gentle with me! Sounds like your midwife is much more knowledgable than mine, clucks. My MW is one of those people who ends every sentence with 'love' - it really annoys me.

Jodiesmum Mon 27-Jan-03 08:18:44

I thought I could feel the baby from 14 wks this time and midwife confirmed it. I'm now 21 weeks (which is when I first felt tiny movements of DD1) and am already being kept awake at night by this one heaving about. I do worry it means she's going to be big (specially given my already massive bump) but hopefully it's more to do with everything being so relaxed and floppy, compared to first time around.

Bears Fri 31-Jan-03 21:28:12

Thought I'd add 2 this as for 3 days now, I've felt nothing else & I'm so disappointed. Not sure if I should worry yet or not! I tell myself the baby/placenta has moved or all activity is at night - not sure what to think atm! Perhaps it's too early to panic as I'm lucky to have felt anything this early anyway. There's no bleeding/pains so I think everything is prob. ok - I feel fine anyway. Has anyone else suddenly stopped feeling movements at about this time?

Perhaps I should call doctor/MW but as she practically thought I was imagining my baby's movements, I feel her reaction would be 'There's nothing to worry about love/U couldn't have felt anything in the 1st place' - I'd just be 'turned away' & made to feel like a neurotic timewaster.

I'd really appreciate any feedback on this.

Mommymommy Fri 31-Jan-03 21:34:30

I felt my first ds move at 14 weeks and my second at 12 weeks, i'll never forget it as i have had two very very difficult pregancies. The first baby i was having a lazy sunday morning in bed and the second i was stood in the doorway of a neighbours home chatting. Different people feel at different times. My gynie didn'nt believe I'd felt movements so early because I'm overweight. On the other side one of my best friends was 6months pregnant when she first felt a movement and then she thought it was wind because she was still on the pill and didn't know she was pregnant.

dm2 Fri 31-Jan-03 21:44:44

Bears - have you tried eating/drinking something sweet ( I think orange juice is meant to be good ) and then, about 20 minutes later lying on your side to feel the kicks?
I felt ds move at 15 weeks and by 20 weeks he was producing visible little bumps when he moved.

Bears Fri 31-Jan-03 22:07:46

Tell u what dm2, I'm 4ever eating/drinking sweet things - got a real sweet tooth, me. I'll try that later - got a thing about milkshake atm! Then I'll go to bed... Thanks.

Katherine Sat 01-Feb-03 15:39:06

Bears, I've got a thing for strawberry milshake too. Funny thing is that when I was pg with DS I used to come past a mcdonalds drive-thru every night and always treated myself to a strawberry milkshake. Never had it with DD though - that one was cheesy potatos!

Bears Mon 03-Feb-03 22:11:34

I've since felt baby move again but it's 'different' & definitely not as frequent but I feel ok about it now. The little dear must've moved or worn itself out(?!). I tried the sweet drink theory the other night & led down but I was fast asleep in no time - so whether that woke him/her up, is anyone's guess!

BTW, when I was pregnant with ds, salad cream was top of my shopping list!

JenniW Tue 04-Feb-03 01:44:05

As a first timer, I didn't feel anything for definite until 22 weeks when I attended a very loud 30th birthday party and found that "Pea" was kicking in time to a thumping bassline. (Music does seem to work wonders, see the message from Slug on 24/01).

Just for info, I believe that my Mum felt me - first child - kick at 16 weeks and I was always running around when I was young. Conversely, my brother - second child - would only respond if poked and spent much of his childhood happily watching me play instead of bothering himself. That said, he's the one who's travelled the world and is currently cycling around Argentina, so there's no long term effect to report!

Katherine Mon 10-Feb-03 09:44:57

Definitly been feeling twitches all this last week. Am 14 weeks today.

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