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blood test results at 30 weeks

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niki1 Sat 12-Jul-08 14:12:07

hi, help needed please. has anyone had a normal white blood cell count at 12 weeks and then slightly elevated one at 30 weeks? am waiting til after the weekend to speak to the consultant but am worrying lots at the moment!!! i am puzzled as i feel fantastic, no ailments of any kind in fact everthing just seems so normal i really wasnt expecting thi. however i really dont understand much about white blood cell count during pregnancy,has anyone else had this whilst feeling so well in themselves?? thanks in advance for any advise...

HappyNewMum2Be Sun 13-Jul-08 09:42:01

I may be wrong on this (I am not a health care person in any shape or form), but I think that your white count is slightly increased when pregnant anyway. White cells are normally produced when your body detects something in there that shouldn't be. With infections, the cells are meant to focus on and fight the bacteria or virus for you, otherwise you would never get better from a cold. So if you think that your body is detecting a baby in there with you - something that it may not be expecting.... or even elevating the cells in preparation for anything nasty coming along .... who knows? Our bodies are wonderful things!

Mine showed as slightly higher than normal, but within expected parameters, so it didn't even get mentioned to me, it was only when I read my results and did the daft thing of checking what all the abbreviations meant that I realised that if everything is normal, they don't explain it all to you.

Unless your carers say anything to you, I wouldn't worry. It seems that all your systems are working on overdrive when pregnant, your blood volume increases as your body creates more blood, so it seems logical (to me at least) that the proportions of everything can be slightly different. Think about iron levels, blood sugar etc, it all has to work slightly differently to cook that little one to perfection.

Glad to hear that you are feeling so well, after a rubbish 1st four months, I am now starting to enjoy being pregnant myself. Keep it UP!!!!!

niki1 Fri 18-Jul-08 18:56:38

thanks for your message.....was ofcourse worrying for no reason!!! consultant said results were just normal for a pregnant lady!!! as for feeling pleased your feeling much better now,they say we are supposed to bloom after 3/4 months,well i think ive just got bloated and red faced(maybe thats what blooming is)???.i do have one problem though.....i am so scared about the birth....wish he could just stay where he is!!!!! x

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