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Raspberry Leaf Tea?

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Jonut Fri 11-Jul-08 23:28:48

I'm 37wks preg with my 3rd DD and was induced on both previous pregancies. Am hoping (praying more like) not to go overdue with this one as am already v. fed up and feel like I did when I was overdue last two times, still got 3wks to go yet shock !!! Have been drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea for the past week and was just wondering if anyone else has tried this and if they thought it makes any difference?

Monkeytrousers Fri 11-Jul-08 23:40:07

didnt' work for me soz

gillythekid Sun 13-Jul-08 18:28:51

RLT is a uterine tonic so it tones the uterus, it doesn't 'bring on' labour. It makes contractions more effective (toned muscles work better) and is great to drink post birth as it again helps to tone the uterus getting it fit for next time (let's not go there)

Wiltshire1978 Wed 16-Jul-08 16:58:15

I am 36 Weeks and 4 days with my first baby. I started taking Raspberry Leaf Capsules on Sunday after Consultant recommended them. I had a show last night(three days later). Not sure if it is linked to the Raspberry Leaf Capsules but I would say it could only have helped!

Kezza7779 Wed 16-Jul-08 17:08:17

i was researching this earlier, and most info says that it doesnt help bring on labour but can spped up labour once your in it!

MummyValentine Thu 17-Jul-08 12:03:49

I drank sooo much RLT with my second baby, and whether it was that which made a difference I can't say, but my contractions were far stronger and more regular than my first labour. Could just be that my body knew what it was doing second time round, but I like to think the RLT made all the difference!!! Might as well try it! smile

quickerthistimeplease Thu 17-Jul-08 12:07:26

I started drinking it at 32 weeks and DD born at 36 weeks. Who knows if it had an effect? (But am pg again and won't be touching the stuff earlier than 37 weeks this time grin)

solo Thu 17-Jul-08 12:09:20

I was told I started it too late at around 38 weeks by MW. Can't remember exactly when she said I should've started it though.
Let's face it. It'll either help, or it wont. My Dd was 7 days late, but a relatively easy labour and birth...good luck.x

solo Thu 17-Jul-08 12:11:08

I do believe that it's recommended not to start it too early...think it's on the box of tea...I'll look.

solo Thu 17-Jul-08 12:13:57

Says should be avoided by women inn early stages of pg.

MummyValentine Thu 17-Jul-08 12:21:51

I drank from 36 weeks, I got a real taste for it and still drink it now!

jenwa Thu 17-Jul-08 12:25:24

I took it but I think it helped bring on contractions but ended up having a long and difficult labour, dd would not come out. I thought maybe it speed up tehe contractions but I was not really ready!

I am not taking it this time round. I did like it though!

solo Fri 18-Jul-08 09:57:03

I still drink it too

AnnVan Tue 22-Jul-08 03:10:17

I'm 34 weeks pg with DC1. Where can I get Raspberry leaf tea?? I think I would like to try it. (I'll try anything that might make the whole thing easier blush)

Wisknit Tue 22-Jul-08 09:22:16

With ds2 I drank it from around 12 weeks, labour much quicker than woth ds1 who I started drinking at aroung 34 weeks.
As has been mentioned it just gives the uterus extra umph rather than bringing on labour. can cause hefty bh though.

Wisknit Tue 22-Jul-08 09:22:39

AnnVan : any health food shop.

zwiggy Tue 22-Jul-08 09:24:37

i drank quite a bit, baby was 4 days late, 48 hour labour. It is supposed to tone your uterus so that it goes back together quicker afterwards, but I've still got a big fat belly too. Soz. but don't let it put you off, imagine what it all could have been like if I didn't drink it hmm

ellideb Tue 22-Jul-08 09:26:40

Neals Yard sell a lovely loose tea here and here is some info on it.

Squarah Tue 22-Jul-08 13:39:30

The evidence I found (through medical search engines) showed RLT made no difference in labour other than you were more likely to be between 37-42 weeks and it reduced rates of forceps and episiotomy. I thought it was worth a go but each time I've tried the capsules I've had horrible colicky pain that wasn't labour so I'm sticking with nature and crossing my fingers....

notcitrus Tue 22-Jul-08 15:55:25

I've been given a tub of loose raspberry leaf tea.
How much do I need in a mug, and how long should I steep it for?

I'm 32 weeks now but will try in a few weeks time.

ellideb Tue 22-Jul-08 19:18:49

I'm 32 weeks notcitrus and have started with one cup a day, working up to 4 cups a day by the time i'm term. You put a tsp in a mug of hot water, leave for ten minutes, then strain and drink.

Joeymac Tue 22-Jul-08 23:07:57

I drank it religiously with my first from about 36 weeks with no result - 6 days late and couldn't bear any more of the stuff.

I've just sent my hubby out today to get more for this pregancy (36 weeks again) in the vain hope that it would do something. However disappointed to find out when reading about it online tonight that it has no effect at bringing on labour - it seems to just strenghten your uterus so you get better contractions especially during the second stages. It would seem it's beneficial in labour but not in bringing labour on.

So that leaves pineapple, curry and sex as the next best options - not fancying any of these at the moment!

ellideb Wed 23-Jul-08 15:32:57

There seems to be a common misconception about the tea. It does not bring on labour, it is intended to strengthen and tone the uterus in order to help the contractions become more efficient and labour shorter.

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