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This might be of use to preggers ladies with big norks wanting tops for their bumps...

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yousaidit Fri 11-Jul-08 21:05:48

... on a budget (narrow criteria, i know, but there's always a chance!) In peacocks they have a little maternity range and do a two pack of maternity t-shirts (whitre and coral or white and black) with a fairly high necjkline (like a normal t-shirt!) so when you bend over you don';t show your massive norks, longer length to cover all your bump rather than you looking like you've got a beergut if your top doesn't meet your kecks, withte ruching a bit at the sides to accomodate your growing bump, and they're only £8 for the pack of two. I am so chuffebd that i've gopt some cheapy t-shirts thyat mean i can go out without looking like a lusty milk maid from a carry on film! I do hope some one fuinds this as useful as i did!!!

mamamufin Fri 11-Jul-08 21:17:33

Thank you thats fab. I am 30 weeks preganat with 34H ones. I will definately be popping to peacocks now grin

greenlawn Sat 12-Jul-08 10:58:39

Thanks for that - if I bend forward everyone sees the "double boob" effect of mine spilling over the top of my too-tight bra!

sushistar Sat 12-Jul-08 11:07:05

That's lovely of you to recommend the tshirts but I hate your thread title!

chocbiscuits Sat 12-Jul-08 21:45:35

Good 'un thanks!

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