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'Middle' back ache??

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MummyLovesPrams Fri 11-Jul-08 16:55:50

Hello ladies,

I know this is probably a dumb question & am sure it's a completely 'normal' PG thing for this stage but I don't remember getting it with DD.

All day I have had this really strong back ache, it's not low down, it's sort of across the middle of my back but is sooooooooo achey

I can't seem to shift it - it's not coming in waves, it's pretty constant although achier at some times then others but I just can't seem to shift it.

Been getting period pains on & off but there's unusual about that as been getting them for weeks hmm

I'm 36+6 but on red alert after going into prem labour at 33+0 (was given steroid injections & drip).

I'm guessing it is more then likely absolutely nothing!


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