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Baby Positioning – Would you go with midwives guess or trust your instincts ?

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FoghornLeghorn Fri 11-Jul-08 11:10:10

Basically I have felt for a couple of weeks now baby is not laying head down, feels to me that he/she is laying either diagonally or right across my bump.

I asked my midwife at yesterday’s apt who think the baby is laying head down, back curving up my right side, bum under left ribs and limbs on lower left side ….. however, I never ever feel any movement on my left side, it’s always on my right side high and low and smack bang in the middle of my bump above my belly button.

I explained this to MW who said she couldn’t be sure baby is laying head down and now I’d mentioned this to her she will refer me for a scan in 2 weeks time if she still can’t be sure enough from palpating – her words were ‘mums tend to know best about these things and this being your third, I expect you know how it feels’

What would you do ? Would you follow your midwives thoughts on the positioning or go for the scan just to be on the safe side ? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time but I’m just not convinced baby is in the right position and tbh, neither was the midwife.
Am 35+4 btw

SazzlesA Fri 11-Jul-08 11:14:37

Message withdrawn

FoghornLeghorn Fri 11-Jul-08 11:32:42

Thanks Sazzles

I know she's the professional and I've never ever questioned my midwives judgement in any of my pregnancies but this time something just doesn't seem right ...... and I seriously don't want to be going into labour naturally with an undiagnosed breech baby.

Fingers crossed your baby turns if you decide to go for the VBAC

thomasina1 Fri 11-Jul-08 12:36:07

Definitely go for the scan! My friend just had a terrible experience going into labour with undiagnosed breech and as a result the baby's hips were dislocated... not good.

hedgepig Fri 11-Jul-08 12:37:37

Hi FogHorn I would agree go for a Scan. In my last PG my midwife convinced me I had a head down baby (naive 1st time mum) but the bony bottom she kept wittering on about was a head! Best to be sure smile

witchandchips Fri 11-Jul-08 12:41:02

I had a late scan (ds was not engaged at 41 weeks) registrar couldn't see the head hmm shock and booked me in for an induction that week.more hmm and shock Needless to say ended up with crash section after days of labour

susiemj Fri 11-Jul-08 12:46:20

Get checke dout at an ante-natal clinic? My hospital runs them alongside community midwife service. I went to hopspital at 38 weeks because my baby wasn't moving as usual and they then discovered an undiagnosed transverse lie.

Trust your instinct, definitely. I did with my baby not moving and it was the saving of us both (not because of breech btw).

PrimulaVeris Fri 11-Jul-08 12:49:38


My personal experience of midwives/doctors is that they literally can't tell arse from head.

susiemj Fri 11-Jul-08 12:55:02

That was our problem Primula

FoghornLeghorn Fri 11-Jul-08 16:05:13

Thanks all - you've made me feel much better about going for the scan.
DH thinks midwife knows best so if she 'thinks' it's head down then thats good enough for him hmm

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