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Allergic reaction to facewash......

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dannigirl Thu 10-Jul-08 21:17:47

I have had an allergic reaction to either my facewash or facewipes and now have a small rash on my lower cheek. I have had it in the past as I have quite sensitive skin. It usually clears up after about 1-2 weeks - quicker if I put some E45 cream (with hydrocortisone in it) but I don't think I can use that (am 27 weeks). Went to pharmacy and they will not advise me, saying I should go to GP as I am pregnant - I don't think it is worth a trip to the GP. I know it will clear up eventually, but it is quite pronounced. Does anyone know of any cream I use to help clear it up.

Thanks in advance

hedgepig Thu 10-Jul-08 22:10:55

A bit of sudocream may help. NHS direct may advise you on the hydocortisone (sp.) worth a try rather than trogging to the doctors unless you have to. They advised me on antibiotics my dentist had given me just before I knew I was pg.

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