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SPD and Iron Infusions

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ChaCha Thu 10-Jul-08 17:59:58

I'm about 36weeks. Went for booking appt today saw registrar very briefly, a possible 10 minutes if that. Explained how bad SPD is and that even with support belt and crutches am finding it v.hard to walk and explained scar pain etc.. She didn't say much, humoured me somewhat and pointed out that baby would need to be delivered post 39wks and that was that.
I see the physio again on the 18th, last time i went she showed me an exercise, asked if i felt any better and showed me the door, complete waste of time esp as i had to ask for the support belt (she thought she'd given me one before).
I really don't know what to do about the SPD, I have been given codeine and co-codamol, the former make me dizzy and sick but do take them when really bad. Am having a horrible few hours since my mum has gone as even picking up DS2 (16mths) is killing me - has never been this bad, just feel like the baby is going to drop out as my jelly legs can't carry it. Sorry for the moan, had thought of just going up to the hospital but the reality of it last year was a 3 day stay, 2 days of which were spent being given pain relief and drifting in and out of sleep and being sick and last day saw physio and was sent home with crutches and more pain relief. Seems a waste of their time and my time to do this again.

As for the iron - they want to give me iron infusions as levels are dropping low. Has anyone had this done before pls?
Apparently takes a couple of hours thrice pre-surgery.

Thank you if you read this far and sorry for moan - feel a bit better.

TheBlonde Thu 10-Jul-08 18:52:11

Can't help on the SPD front

Have had iron infusions though, they hook you up to a drip and you sit there
Take a book or magazine
First one affected my BP but the others were fine

gillythekid Sun 13-Jul-08 18:35:30

Can't believe you're being treated so badly. Can you insist on seeing an obstetric physio? They are far more clued up on SPD, mine has been amazing and I see her every fortnight for a 'tune up'. I can't recommend osteopathy enough either, it's been wonderful. I hope you don't suffer for too much longer, it makes pregnancy so difficult at the end.

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