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What does it feel like when baby starts to or is engaged?

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waitingtobloom Thu 10-Jul-08 10:00:42

With DS he never engaged before labour due to being in a wonky position. This time around people are starting to comment that my bump has changed and looks lower and Im finding I cant walk as fast and am definitely waddling.

It seems worse in the evenings - very heavy down in my pelvis with lots of aching. And tmi - if anything strains that area - whether it is coughing a lot or going for a number two I can feel a lot of pressure down there which reminds me of the feeling of giving birth!

Am thinking its probably a bit early to be engaged especially with a second pregnancy - am 32 weeks and know second babies can pop in and out just Im rather uncomfortable and havent got a midwife appointment for another couple of weeks.

thanks xxxx

pregnancy1 Thu 10-Jul-08 12:02:08

Am pregnant with first and whilst baby is head-down she's not engaged so can't help, but am bumping you.
It does sound like you are engaged though, can you call your midwife?

sderoz Thu 10-Jul-08 13:31:31

Hi, I'm 39+2 with my first and baby's been becoming engaged for the past few weeks - your symptoms sound a lot like mine, i.e. the 'heavy' feeling in the pelvis which worsens in the evening and people have commented that I've 'dropped'....shouldn't be surprised if baby is totally engaged on next MW appt.

Anyway, to me it sounds as though yours is engaged or partly engaged. Good luck! xx

waitingtobloom Thu 10-Jul-08 19:28:43

Thanks - will hold on til I see midwife as I know second babies can pop in and out.

Seem to be peeing a lot more and getting stabbing pains down there along with a general achy swollen feeling by the evening - almost like Ive been riding a bike for too long!

We shal see


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