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198 Wed 09-Jul-08 17:53:39

This is my 4th pregnancy, all others have been very simple with no problems at all. This time though I am having awful headaches. Every two or three weeks I will have an awful migraine with aura - a blind spot in one eye, then so Ill I have to lye in bed for two or three hours, but the rest of the time I just have a general headache. I feel like I cant concentrate or focus. Dr says it is just pregnancy that is causing it and it will go away after birth. Any other people had this? Any suggestions?

SqueakyPop Wed 09-Jul-08 17:56:18

I remember my last pregnancy having awful headaches. I think I was interfering too much with my caffeine intake though.

I did take paracetamol, but it didn't really shift my headaches. I tried to use lavendar candles, baths etc to relieve the symptoms.

star6 Wed 09-Jul-08 19:12:11

I used to get migraines pre-pregnancy - I'm the opposite of you 198! I'm enjoying 9 months of no migraines... but know they will come back with a vengeance after the birth (hoping that bfing will delay their onset as well hmm....)

Anyway, some things that you might consider:
Triggers I had: Caffeine, nuts, milk products
Avoiding these things (cutting them out of my diet) really made a difference in the frequency of migraines.

Homeopaths can often offer relief - just get one who is cautious about pregnancy as well.

Crazy things that actually relieved the pain (but dr thinks are crazy): Put on a baseball cap and tighten it (or a bicycle helmet)... anything tightly squeezing on my head really helped. Pushing my head against any hard surface (wall/floor)

Imigran of course... but totally unsafe in pregnancy.

Sassafrass Wed 09-Jul-08 19:27:22

My migraines got very bad this pregnancy but stopped at about 14 weeks so was down to hormones.

You can get co-codamol on prescription which is useful for general headaches as well. I had plenty of very bad normal headaches too, those tapered off at about 20ish weeks.

I found that keeping my bloodsugar at an even level helped as did keeping my temper in check. Whenever I got upset, angry or worried a migraine would start 10 minutes later.

silvermum Wed 09-Jul-08 21:37:41

198, i posted a big thread on this about two weeks ago, got lots of responses. are you in London? I went to the Migraine Clinic in London, a charity, run by doctors who specialise in migraines, and it was BRILLIANT. since then, a couple of times i've felt a migraine coming on but with their advice and information i've been able to stop it in its tracks. if there's any way you could go to this clinic i could not recommend it enough.

gillythekid Thu 10-Jul-08 17:37:10

Pleaaaaase don't take codiene, it makes the withdrawal headache so much worse! I'm a migraine sufferer of almost 9 years and had 3 really bad attacks at the start of this pregnancy. I've tried every treatment, modern scientific or complementary. I began seeing a cranio sacral therapist (google for your nearest) who have great success with migraine and she showed me how to avoid attacks, I also had some food allergy blood tests done with a reputable nutritionist as we all react to different foods. I've been lucky and not an attack in 7 months instead of my usual one a week with vomiting, pre pregnancy.
In the meantime, a bag of frozen peas or hot wheat bag on the head with lashings of tiger balm can soothe (depending on whether you like hot or cold) I do empathise, they are rotten and the last thing you need right now. Good luck.

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