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How long is long enough?

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Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 14:58:07

I live in Switzerland and here they book you into hospital for 5 days after the birth. I know in the UK this woudl be considered a long time and I also think it could be.

How long did you stay in for? How long would you liked to have stayed in for if you could choose? Isn't it nicer to be at home asap to spend the first few days with the baby or is the security of the hospital better (this is my first baby)?

popsycal Wed 02-Feb-05 14:58:52

Three blinking weeks!!!!!!

beansprout Wed 02-Feb-05 15:00:21

Blimey Popsycal!!

I had an emergency c-section and went home 2 days later. Much as I didn't like being in hospital, I found I got very used to it and felt a bit wobbly when I got home with no midwives around!

suzywong Wed 02-Feb-05 15:00:34

it really depends on your labour
I wouldn't worry about being booked in for 5 days, you may need it and then will be very glad that it is already in place.

I think personally that if you can get a private room, then being in hospital for the first few days is nice as you don't have anything else to do than recover and focus on your baby

northerner Wed 02-Feb-05 15:00:51

Ds was born at 9.15pm on a Friday and we went home on the Sunday morning. He's my first baby. I was ready to go home - it's much more comfortable and quieter!

Yorkiegirl Wed 02-Feb-05 15:01:06

Message withdrawn

lockets Wed 02-Feb-05 15:01:19

Message withdrawn

beansprout Wed 02-Feb-05 15:01:50

Unless you have your own room, there is no sleep to be had in hospital! I had to recover from being there!!!

kymbo Wed 02-Feb-05 15:01:55

with my first,I stayed in 3 nights and I found it really useful to have the help of the midwives.
But with second I went home before she was 24 hrs old. It's up to you,what's the hospital like?

jessicasmummy Wed 02-Feb-05 15:03:14

jess was born at 2.49am and i was home by 3.30pm..... i couldnt have stayed longer it was horribkle. i wanted to be home in my own surroundings bonding with my baby in my own way. plus the fact dh was flying out to iraq 5 days later and i wanted him to experience 24 hour baaby care!

suzywong Wed 02-Feb-05 15:04:05

no there isn't is there
no point trying to sleep on the ward, it just ain't gonna happen

lockets Wed 02-Feb-05 15:07:05

Message withdrawn

popsycal Wed 02-Feb-05 15:09:38

...and just in case you wondered..three weeks was a little on the long side!

Thikn it depends on if you are breast feeding and how confident you feel aswell....

colinsmommy Wed 02-Feb-05 15:13:29

I was admitted at 5:00 am, had the baby at 8 am and was discharged at 10 am the next day. Here in the US we get 2 days for a normal birth, but I literally didn't get any sleep in the hospital, and was so tired, that since we were both doing fine, I demanded to go home.

scotlou Wed 02-Feb-05 15:18:33

4 nights with first baby and 2 nights with number 2. I think with the first one it's good as you get the support of midwives etc. You also get your meals cooked and no washing to do!! I really wanted to stay in longer after number 2 as I knew as soon as I got home there'd be loads of other "non baby" things to do. But dh found it very difficult trying to look after ds etc and visit me so 2 nights was all I got! Yeh - you don't sleep in hospital - but then again with a newborn you don't get much sleep at home either!

Pidge Wed 02-Feb-05 15:20:41

I was in 2 nights (dd born 8pm) and hated my time on the postnatal ward, mostly because dp couldn't be there at night, and the nightstaff consisted of the fiercest most unhelpful nurses, totally unsympathetic to my breastfeeding woes. It was horrid. On my last afternoon I broke down in tears over dp and said 'get me out of here or else' ... we went home, a bit terrified to be in charge of baby, plus dd hadn't really started feeding properly yet, but for us it was the right thing and I was so much happier.

Of course if the ward is nice and the staff helpful, it's different. I would see how you feel after the birth - if you're longing to get home you can always argue your way out, just be prepared to put up a fight for what you want.

LIZS Wed 02-Feb-05 15:42:40

I was in hospital in UK for almost 5 days and it felt like an eternity because mums and babies cname and went whilst I was in there and it was a largish ward. They didn't want us to leave sooner because ds was jaundiced and b'feeding wasn't going well. However in CH I did the same length stay with dd and it wasn't nearly so bad. Twin room, good food, high standards of cleanliness, not even having to change a nappy if I didn't feel like it, crying baby could be despatched to midwives for a breather etc. Nothing compensates for the comforts of home though and I was glad to get home as had found the regime a little prescriptive and missed ds (he'd started school while I was in there).

Had a friend who recently had her 3rd baby in the same hospital as you plan to deliver and she still stayed 4/5 days as it was so pleasant. I visited her and it was a real oasis of calm ! She got support from them regarding breastfeeding (they have a Baby Friendly award) and so on too. You may also get the opportunity to have a session with a physio advising on post natal exercise and your OB/Gyn and paediatrician should be able to visit to agree when to discharge you and the baby.

Be openminded about it, you shouldn't really have to commit up front, you may feel ready to go earlier or not. Bear in mind that you are actually entitled to midwifery care eitherin hospital or at home for 10 days total, and some were staying in hospital while I was there, for that full time.

Good luck

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 15:49:07

The hospital is a hospital... but its small so quite personal, the midwives i have met all seem really nice. We have (at a big cost - but hopefully worth it) arranged a private room for ourselves so that dh can also stay over night (but not in the same bed).

I guess it will be nice to have the option to stay in for the 5 days if I feel like it. It seems a bit shocking that some of you have gone home 2 hours after the birth! I just think that I may feel self conscious that I am not doing things 'properly' if i know the midwives are around all the time, their being helpful could mean I don't relax enough and won't feel that i can be so natural with the baby (as Jessicasmummy says, I think it easier to bond with my baby in my own way). And the less time I stay in hospital the more home visits I get from the midwife - could that be as valuable as help in hospital?

Popsycal! 3 weeks! Hope you escape earlier this time!

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 15:57:20

Thanks Lizs, it sounds really positive - we pay for the whole thing up front but then if we leave earlier we get a refund.

I keep wondering if I am going to bump into you wandering around Adliswil somewhere... If you see someone waddling around in a big green man's down jacket give me a smile (although I am hibernating at the moment as I am worried about slipping over in the snow)!

Do you have a Kinderartzt in Adliswil?

Pidge Wed 02-Feb-05 15:58:06

If your partner can be with you overnight that makes a HUGE difference. We are so much a team, and it felt so sad when he wasn't there, even though he could stay till 9pm and was back at 8am. And first time round it is nice to have people on hand to help you get sorted out, particularly if you need help breastfeeding or whatever.

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 15:59:33

Yes, having him stay with us for me is also really important. He was pleased as anything when I suggested it and we found out it was possible.

LIZS Wed 02-Feb-05 16:16:09

I wonder that too - have we brushed shoudlers in Migros as I charge after dd or she swings on the bars by the till to disapproving looks !! We use the practice opposite the Intersport and Bebehaus, at Albisstrasse 29 - drs Hauser and Wittlinger. They're ok, speak English and it is very convenient but we joined before they took it over and their predecessor was really nice. Others recommend Dr Brack who is in Sood.

Meid Wed 02-Feb-05 16:22:49

If they had actually cared for me and help look after the baby in order for me to rest and heal I would have stayed about 4 days.

The reality was I had to be in for two days, had zero care and it felt like I was in a prison (I imagine). In fact, because I had a catheta fitted and couldn't get up they put my newborn in the bed to sleep with me so I would stop pressing the buzzer.

PocketTasha Thu 03-Feb-05 01:45:04

I like the idea of being home asap. But realisticly i think that one night in hospital gives you peace of mind. I stayed just one night after the birth of boths of my ds's and think i would have felt a little insecure if i'd been let out straight away. Which has happened to friends of mine. It just depends on what time baby was born and if a pediatrician (spelling!) can see him/her before you go. I /think/ the first 6 hours is compulsory and thats it. (Sorry if i'm covering old ground, didn't have time to read all posts).

eidsvold Thu 03-Feb-05 02:16:48

was in five days with both of mine however they were caesars. They would have let me home a little ealier with no2 but for her jaundice.

First time was brilliant in that I had my own room with an ensuite ( but dd1 was in SCBU - so that was hard. But having my own room meant I actually got some rest and was not disturbed by the comings and goings of others. Dh was able to come and go as he pleased due to dd being in SCBU.

This time I was in a 4 bed ward and the woman next to me was in for observation pre-natal care......she snored like nothing on earth - am sure she made my bed rumble. So between her and dd2 I did not get a lot of sleep - was so glad to get home even though it meant having to run ( very slowly) after a 2yo and the babe - I finally got some decent sleep.

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