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Hot Baths....

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MummyLovesPrams Tue 08-Jul-08 20:28:03

Will they encourage the niggles or stop them??

Since Friday been getting lots of little niggles, lower back ache, lots of pressure in my bottom & lady bits, few shooting pains, very leaky boobs (been waking up in dried pools of milk), major nesting urges (spent today scrubbing kitchen tiles, cupboards etc), peeing for Englamd, been for a number 2 more times then I can count since yesterday, period pains etc.

Hoping it's all pointing to Little Man's arrival being imminant (sp) as he's also 3/5ths engaged (IN).

Anyway.....if I had a nice hot bath would it encourage the niggles or make then stop??

Really don't want them to stop if I can help it!



bubblechops Wed 09-Jul-08 19:03:03


How exciting! Sounds as if your baby is well on the way.

Have a nice hot (not too hot though!) bath - with lots of bubbles. It won't stop anything, but will help you relax & take away some of the irrition.

Also, will probably be the last nice long bath you get to have for a while, so enjoy...!

Good luck!

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