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Black Pyjama Bottoms

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bikerunski Tue 08-Jul-08 20:08:09

Well the lovely ladies of this forum have warned me (dozey first timer) that black pj bottoms will be very handy for disguising leakages in hospital.

Have been desperately searching, but hard to come by in the summer.

Found the holy grail today in Peacocks. Black jersey maternity pj bottoms, fiver. They have a wide roll over top waistband, like those very expensive yoga pants favoured by designer sportswear folk. So although they are sold as "maternity" they'll still fit non pg ladies (although I know that your tummy doesn't go flat straight away).

And also the sizing is massive, so despite being 30 weeks pg I have bought my first pair of size 10 trousers ever - am normally a 14!

Anglepoise Tue 08-Jul-08 20:13:25

They sound like something I can live in for the next 10 weeks - thanks!

Libra1975 Tue 08-Jul-08 20:18:33

oh these sound great! Think I have a peacocks in Aldershot as well. thanks for the tip.

MummyLovesPrams Tue 08-Jul-08 20:21:03

Ooo fabo thanks for the tip hun!

Turniphead1 Tue 08-Jul-08 20:28:44

Off to Peacocks. They sound brill. Could you wear them in daytime or would you look like you were in your jimmers?

bikerunski Tue 08-Jul-08 20:48:46

Turnipheap1 They look like quite nice jogging bottoms, but lighter weight. You could wear them in the day and out of the house too. Wide leg, roll top, pretty cool. In grey marl too.

Turniphead1 Wed 09-Jul-08 14:20:21

just bought a pair in black and a pair in grey and a great cheap pair of bigger sized carpenter jeans (not maternity). Great.

bikerunski Wed 09-Jul-08 19:31:13

Hey, glad to be of service !

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