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When should I pack a hospital bag?

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kolakube Wed 02-Feb-05 13:29:38

and more to the point, what do I put in it?

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 13:38:04

good question Kolakube. I have the bag out and ready and know what I am going to put in but haven't started packing yet... at my hospital they say not to take anything for the baby as they provide it all. I'm going to pack something separate for dh to bring when we are ready to take the baby home.

jessicasmummy Wed 02-Feb-05 13:41:42

Mine was packed 6 weeks before my due date.

Essentials being....

Vests x 2
Sleepsuits x 2
Nappies - lots
Wipes - lots
Going home clothes for you and baby
Lots of knickers for you
Sanitary towels for you - i found the always night time ones a lot easier to deal with than maternity ones!
hat for baby
mittens for baby

Anything else you need your dh can bring in once baby is born. I was only in for 12 hours after dd born so didnt need half the stuff i packed!!!

shalaa Wed 02-Feb-05 16:03:55

Mine is packed and ready! I've got 3 seperate bags, one is all my labour stuff like a nightshirt, oils, stuff to wash with afterwards, music & snacks. Another one for the hospital stay with feeding bra, clean pants, towels, toiletries, journal ect. The last one is for baby with changes of clothes, nappies and wipes.

Kelly1978 Wed 02-Feb-05 16:32:56

I always packd two, one for labour and one for afterwards.

I've started thinking abt it for this time, but its a different hospital this time and I have been given no advice. Does anyone know if mayday in croydon provide stuff for baby or not?

LIZS Wed 02-Feb-05 16:47:20


Labour bag -any personal items to make things more comfortable - music, books, snacks etc

Hospital Bag - Pack as if you are going away for a long weekend ! - toiletries, some comfortable clothes, especially jersey bottoms and largish t-shirts, nightwear, soft indoor shoes, bathrobe, feeding bras and underwear which you don't mind being spoiled and is comfy (they may well offer you disposable ones but you may well feel happier in your own). They'll give you a box of toiletries and bits for the baby and provide clothes, nappies etc.

beachyhead Wed 02-Feb-05 16:49:29

I've never had anything provided for the baby - I had to take all the baby clothes plus a soft blanket for wrapping them in when born.....

bathmummy Wed 02-Feb-05 16:50:39

food and drink for labour - remember plenty of supplies for both you and DH
some cash - we rarely carry much as we always use a card and so having spare change for the car park and for items in the hospital is worth getting together if you don’t carry a lot either.
Too many sanitary towels and knickers. You can never ever have enough... I hated those paper maternity briefs and bought a load of super cheap ones that I treated as disposable second time around. Paper pants are not nice.
Lavender oil - not only for labour but for a bath or two afterwards. It is relaxing and promotes healing
Arnica tablets if you wish for healing and bringing out bruising
A camera for you to keep in the hospital when everyone else has gone home to catch those magic moments
More than one pair of PJs - the bleeding can often be heavy at first and you can sleep so soundly after giving birth that accidents do happen - hospital gowns are not fun
Clothes for the baby - they can get through a load in those early days but be warned, worth having a stash laid out at home and then get someone to bring them in if and when as some babies are smaller/bigger than expected. My DD2 was so big that she didn’t fit in anything I had packed and had to borrow some until DH went home to pick up more.
Pen and paper - I found it helpful to write down feed times, notes, phone numbers etc. - memory like a seive so helpful to have with you.
Don’t forget some make-up and hair brush etc. if you like to be "tidy". All my early hospital photos of me and DD1 have me looking so dishevelled and a mess as I had only got a small brush and no make-up. I don’t wear a lot but wish I had a fraction of an effort so don’t look so awful in those precious first photos.

Gwenick Wed 02-Feb-05 16:57:57

I didn't have my hospital bag pre-packed for EITHER of my pregnancies. I had a list on the door of what I needed, and I knew that it was all at home. I decided that it was HIGHLY unlikely that it would be a case of 'wham bam' you're in labour type thing so once things got going I packed - using the checklist to make sure I didn't forget anything. Am so glad I did it that way as in both pg's my waters broke and then nothing else happened and although with my first they kept me in (grrr) and I ended up with CS the folllowing day - with DS2 I was allowed home for a few days before going in to be induced - it gave me something to do!!

Agree with most of the things above - apart from the paper pants - Tesco's ones are AWFUL - Boots are great - but buy a size bigger than you actually 'are' at the moment then not only do you hardly notice them, but if you DO end up with a CS they won't rub on your scar and make them sore

starlover Wed 02-Feb-05 17:08:06

don't assume that your hospital will provide toiletries and things for baby.
I have a booklet from my hospital which says that I need to take clothes, top n tail bowl, cotton wool and nappies for baby.
Also need toiletries for myself.

Take everything, and then it doesn't matter, even if the hospital provide you with things!

I have 2 bags, one for me and one for baby.
Mine contains:
a few toiletries- toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc
A towel
a couple of hair clips
2 nighties (suitable for breastfeeding)
slipper socks
dressing gown
TONS of cheapo pants and maternity towels
comfy day clothes (trackie bottoms and t-shirt)
also have a cheap nightie for the labour that i don;t mind getting ruined!

Baby's bag contains:
3 babygro's (inc one next size up)
4 vests (inc one next size up)
some socks, scratch mittens and a hat
a "going home outfit"
little snowsuit in case it's very cold when we leave
Dummies (just in case!)

starlover Wed 02-Feb-05 17:09:10

oh, and as for the when... i have had mine packed for at least a month! (am overdue now)
Half because I was so impatient and wanted to do it, and half just in case baby decided to make an early appearance!

acnebride Wed 02-Feb-05 17:30:20

you can take hundreds of things and why not. try and think what makes you feel better when you have a cold or feel fragile - oldest socks, nice new socks, whatever suits you.

i took Fybogel, a bottle of water and straws to drink lying down because i was so scared of the first trip to the loo. acually it wasn't bad at all, but the water was a Good Thing.

I took apples - no time to eat during labour but they are comfort food to me and really helped me feel normal again. a friend took concentrated apple juice for labour even tho the hosp is not keen on food in labour ward - she reckoned it kept her going thru 18 hrs labour with zero intervention...

i packed when i was so fed up being preg that i wanted to get it over with more than i was scared of going in.

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