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Anyone had a 4D scan and regretted it afterwards?

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Pontypine Mon 07-Jul-08 22:46:55

i know this is a really bizarre question but myself and OH have decided to treat ourselves to a 4D scan and i am now wondering if i will regret it - seeing my baby in that much detail before it comes out?

The reasons we would like one are:
1. to confirm the sex for definate - already have one of each and have been told it's more than likely a boy

2. because this is 3rd baby, 3rd c section and hopefully there will not be anymore so if i am going to do it i need to do it now

3. to share with the children - i think my 7yr old DS will be fascinated

4. i bit of indulgance for us!! it'll be nice to have an appointment which is not based around "checking nothing is wrong" - this is a 4d gender scan

Has anyone else had one and what did you feel before and after?

and also, when baby was born, did he/she look like you expected?

also, had you been told you were having a boy/girl only to find out at 4d scan that baby Harry was going to be Harriet?!?!

DustyTV Mon 07-Jul-08 22:55:36

I had a 4D scan and I can tell you that I did not regret it at all, in fact if DH and I had had the spare money we would have had another one.

We were both excited before and elated after. It's hard to explain but I felt so much closer to the baby (Now DD).

She didn't look how In expected her too after she was born. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby but I thought we were having a boy. But I was looking at the pics of the 4D scan a couple of days ago and I can now see how much detail you get to see in them. DD is so like those pics. Even her personality. In the DVD we got with ours you can see DD sticking her tongue out and wiggling her toes so much of what she does now.

Go for it. It is a great experience.

DH and I took my mum and dad and MIL with us and they really enjoyed it.

Pontypine Mon 07-Jul-08 22:59:01

We are taking DS, DD and MIL. i am excited but a bit dubious after a friend commented that she couldn't imagine seeing her unborn baby in that much detail!!

DustyTV Mon 07-Jul-08 23:08:32

You do get to see so much detail but.... and it is weird....but you don't get to see all of it.
I'm not making myself clear am I blush (it'll be the wine grin)

I felt closer to DD (Even if I did think she was a DS blush). I felt pg IYSWIM.

DH said it was the most amazing thing to see, to be able to 'meet' his baby before the baby was born.

Mum, dad and MIL were fascinated by it all (Mum cried)

You do get to see so much detail but not all of it, you still get to imagine.....

tutu100 Mon 07-Jul-08 23:10:19

I can't remember if my scan was 3D or 4D (hospital had a new scanner which they wanted to test - lucky me!) At the time I remember thinking how clear the pictures were and how absolutely amazing it was to watch ds move around (we watched him twisting his cord round his neck).

It was obvious from the scan that he was a boy, but it was also obvious at the normal scan so no shocks there for us.

When ds was born I didn't think he looked anything like the scan pictures (I had 2 done at 20 and 34 weeks). In the scan pictures his features are very squished. Now though I look back at the pictures and realise that actually they were very accurate it's just hard so soon after the birth to think that the real life baby is the same as the one in the scan photos.

I was lucky that I took part in a hospital study so got the scans for free. I am pregnant again now and quite sad that we won't be able to do the same for this baby.

I think if you have the money go for it. I'm sure you are right that your other chi8ldren will be fascinated.

Kezza7779 Tue 08-Jul-08 13:23:20

had one - loved it - no regrets - see my pics x

dinkystinky Tue 08-Jul-08 14:43:57

Loved my 4d scan - and DS looked so like his scan when he came out it was untrue! Though - the couple who were there before us had to keep going for long walks to move the baby around then coming back to reattempt scan as their baby was in awkward position for scan and they couldnt see anything, so I think it would be pretty annoying if you paid for it and couldnt see anything...

LadyThompson Tue 08-Jul-08 18:52:58

How much do they cost, people? And do you come away with a dvd or just pics?

pleaseletmesleep Wed 09-Jul-08 12:45:33

I had a 4d scan done with Babybond and it was amazing, it really made us both feel closer to dd, suddenly there actually was a baby in there, not just a big wriggly bump grin . We were quite lucky that dd was facing the right way so we got some good pictures but she had her legs crossed tight and the sonographer said she couldn't be 100% sure so she gave us a free 10 minute appointment the next week to come back and double check she was right.

One thing I would do though is try and get the first appointment of the day. When we went for the first scan it was first thing and we were in bang on time but for the second it was late afternoon and a few people in front of us were having problems getting a good picture so were being sent back out for walks and cold drinks so we had quite a wait - which was fine, just not the best when you are 34 weeks pg!

If you have a look on the babybond website it tells you all the prices and has a gallery so you can see the kind of pictures you might get.

Kezza7779 Thu 10-Jul-08 17:27:23

mine cost £195 and i got a CD full of pics, a DVD of the whole scan, 6 printed out pics and a larger prited out one in a frame!

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