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Do you have a 'womb name' for your baby? DS1 was 'the prawn', DS2 was 'beanie' DC3 is ...

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Litterbug Mon 07-Jul-08 17:44:09

Otto hmm

I dunno why!!

I don't even know the sex! lol

Kbear Mon 07-Jul-08 17:47:14

Mine were Norman (turned out to be a girl!) and, imaginatively, Baby Two for baby two (who was a boy).

youknownothingofthecrunch Mon 07-Jul-08 17:48:40

DS1 - Alien (made odd shapes like he was going to burst out through my chest grin)

DS2 - Jelly Baby, then Spud.

Saymyname Mon 07-Jul-08 17:49:38

Just "baby". How rubbish is that?

justnally Mon 07-Jul-08 17:49:54

DD1 - Pin
DS - Bob
DD2 - Pip

Twelvelegs Mon 07-Jul-08 17:52:05

Mini M**** (his surname), DS2 we knew was a boy from 12 weeks and so he was his name, DD1 was baby and then her name and this number 4 (DS3) is barely baby... we don't speak about him much, there's no bloody time!!

Litterbug Mon 07-Jul-08 17:57:52

Well, yes I know where you are coming from twelvelegs, feel quite guilty we aren't as 'chatty' about this one blush

Takenoprisoners Mon 07-Jul-08 17:59:34

Rummage. Due to infernal movement.

Twelvelegs Mon 07-Jul-08 18:00:19

I do like Otto though and I'm so stuck for names. I even feel my belly at night and feel him move and DH does nothing! Then I make a big old fuss and it all changes, for 5 minutes!

Takenoprisoners Mon 07-Jul-08 18:01:41

(She's out now, and she's still Rummage.)

Litterbug Mon 07-Jul-08 18:02:38

I don't think I would call him Otto, was watching Spiderman 2 and just liked it though, lol.

Am so bloody stuck with names this time round too. Maybe that will change once I know the sex, make it more real.

Rhian82 Mon 07-Jul-08 19:15:39

At first Bean, then Olive, now Gizmo!

cmotdibbler Mon 07-Jul-08 19:16:59


ExtraFancy Mon 07-Jul-08 19:19:34

Mine was called Chigger - not sure where that came from!

Califrau Mon 07-Jul-08 19:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Litterbug Mon 07-Jul-08 19:24:21

Oh Swwetpea! Thats much nicer than Otto.

notnowbernard Mon 07-Jul-08 19:26:12


Unoriginal, uninspired and a bit freaked out, probably

HonorMatopoeia Mon 07-Jul-08 19:27:45

Mine were both 'Bob' or 'Bobbin' - no idea why.

Spink Mon 07-Jul-08 19:28:45

spinkle for ds, pip this time.. (and peanut and boodle for the 2 we lost in between..)

babylove123 Mon 07-Jul-08 19:52:03

Mine is cub. My DP calls me tiger so it came naturally that the baby became cub!

MorocconOil Mon 07-Jul-08 19:56:54

DS1 was Horace. Can't remember whether we had names for the other 2 blush

Gonkster Mon 07-Jul-08 20:05:00

DD was originally Baked Bean (shortened to Bean) as that is precisely what she resembled from the first scan. She then became Fidget Bum / Fidgy Bum - you can probably guess why. We didn't know she was a she so Fidget Bum worked for either. Not very original, but special to us!

MaloryIsCrossWithJohnnie Mon 07-Jul-08 20:06:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunshineonarainyday Mon 07-Jul-08 20:07:44

DD was shrimp and DS was known by his name as we knew he was going to be a boy

keevamum Mon 07-Jul-08 20:14:20

Stumpy - we had an early scan and they showed us her little arm and leg stumps where her arms and legs would be when they grew and DD2 was Louie all the way and she still is now!

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