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Help - recommended pushshairs for newborns - and weedy Mums!

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LadyThompson Mon 07-Jul-08 16:42:52

I have the upper body strength of a canary and have tried a couple of pushchairs in shops and they all seem so heavy to a weed like me.

So I need a pushchair which will be

a) suitable for a newborn but which I can keep using all the way through
b) very light
c) a cool brand. Yes, I know this is sad and shallow. It's not my top priority, but it would be nice, that's all.

Would a Bugaboo fit these requirements or is it all daft hype? Thank you all you experts.

mum2bagain Mon 07-Jul-08 17:19:12

I just got the bugaboo cameleon as it is the best in the market at the moment. The frame is really light and easy to collapse/put up and the carry cot can be used for overnight sleeping also, so no need for me to get a moses basket/crip also. It is expensive, but in past experience, I have 3 older children, I think you pay for what you get and in the long run will save money not having to buy multiple pushchairs. go to and get all the info, it's a real treat if you can afford one. Good luck!

Litterbug Mon 07-Jul-08 17:20:50

Plus they have a really good resale value when you have finished with it.

I would get a bugaboo if I could afford it¬!

bogie Mon 07-Jul-08 17:22:10

I have the bugaboo cameleon I love it but it is not light to carry but very easy to push iyswim.
My friend has bought the bugaboo bee and that is very light and easy to push you just dontget a carry cot with it.
I wouldn't reccomend the quinny a friend has that and really doesn't like it.

LadyThompson Mon 07-Jul-08 17:25:57

This is all really helpful. Keep it coming. I use trains quite a bit and will continue to do so when I have Frogmella Piddlebum so the only thing that worries me about the Bugaboo Cameleon is that Bogie says it's hard to lift - worried about lumping a babe, a Bugaboo and a stack of stuff on and off a train.

Libra1975 Mon 07-Jul-08 17:32:16

Maclaren XT, it's not fancy or colourful but it's light and easy to take on public transport and it's fine for babies from birth.

CarGirl Mon 07-Jul-08 17:34:51

techno is not great if you are short.

LadyThompson Mon 07-Jul-08 17:36:03

God, it's worse than buying a car. I'm about average height - 5'6". Just weedy, that's all.

WarmFuzzy Mon 07-Jul-08 17:38:22

5.5 1/2 here - Maclaren XT all the way! The rest are pants.

hoxtonchick Mon 07-Jul-08 17:39:19

mountain buggy urban.

CarGirl Mon 07-Jul-08 17:39:29

Bee or an XT, XT cheaper and not rear facing so depends how much you want the other features.

elkiedee Mon 07-Jul-08 17:40:56

Love your planned name for the baby

LadyThompson Mon 07-Jul-08 17:46:13

Never heard of a Maclaren and will check it out. Mind you, I've only ever heard of about two brands so that's not saying much. The lady in Babies R Us gave me a talk on Saturday and I am ashamed to say I couldn't take in what she was saying. I am incapable of deciding which features are worth having and which ones aren't. I don't know why. I'm not usually like this, I am a decisive shopper! Is rear facing good? Is it good to have one that doubles as a car seat? Just want the baby to be nice and comfy and not to have to be Godzilla to lift the flamin' thing. I will be living sometimes in the country and sometimes in the city.

gillythekid Mon 07-Jul-08 17:50:55

Tried them all, Bugaboo Bee came out top. Cheaper than the other Bugaboos, waaaay more compact and easier to collapse. Fits in the car perfectly, fits on the bus a dream, really light and easy to use plus you can have it facing both ways and the handle adjusts so that everyone can push it. Everyone I know is soooo happy with theirs and you can use it all the way through from newborn to toddler. It's a winner. Get it on Ebay for £320 instead of £360 in the shops.

elkiedee Mon 07-Jul-08 17:51:51

If you're using trains or other public transport, the car seat buggies are always going to be bigger, heavier and more awkward than the folding buggies such as the MacLaren range.

LadyThompson Mon 07-Jul-08 18:02:50

Thanks, this is all really helpful. I need to have things spelled out to me, it seems. God help me when I am an actual mother. But the pushchairs seem more complicated than the babies.

gillythekid Mon 07-Jul-08 18:11:43

Oh LadyT I'll just add that you can buy adaptors to fit the maxi cosi car seat to the Bugaboo Bee and it clips in really easily so you get all the collapsability (?!) of a folder, with the practicality of a travel system!

star6 Mon 07-Jul-08 18:18:41

anyone used bugaboo frog? I know not made anymore, but it's on ebay...

CharlotteYork Mon 07-Jul-08 18:34:14

Bugaboo Chameleon - I am seriously weedy and this one has the benefits of a carrycot etc for newborns and is super duper light - worth every penny.

I bought a M&P one last time which lasted 2weeks was so heavy I could not manouver then had to buy another - so just splash out in the first place.

However if you don't do loads of walking you could get away with a Maclaren also very light and easy just not as good for tiny babes and long country walks.

CarGirl Mon 07-Jul-08 18:36:35

bugaboo frog is a dream to push - easier/lighter than a techno xt only disdvantage is that you have to take off the seat unit to collapse it but you do get used to it and it is then 2 very light parts that fit in your car easier than a bulky fold in one type thing.

halogen Mon 07-Jul-08 18:42:57

Maclarens are brilliant. I'd go for one every time. I don't think Bugaboos are anywhere near as good for ease of use.

slinkiemalinki Mon 07-Jul-08 21:49:49

Bugaboo cameleons are fab - esp if folding ease is not your priority. I bought a techno XT as well for boot of car and taking on holidays at 5 months. Maclarens definitely not cool and although they lie flat, XTs are not nice cosy prams for newborns. I would think about a Bee if using public transport a lot as lighter and still look cool and have rear-facing option. Just a warning about eBay - there was quite a lot in the papers recently about Bugaboo (among others) saying buying on eBay would invalidate warranty (even if new) - so I would be careful where you buy.

gillythekid Tue 08-Jul-08 08:32:43

My warranty is fine as I bought my Bee through an ebay shop not just a random seller.

MildWest Tue 08-Jul-08 08:43:56

I've just got an Out N About nipper 360 on recommendation from a friend who's been through about 15 buggies! It's a 3-wheeler, lies flat from birth then various other reclining positions. Very light (7kg vs something like 12kg for the chameleon) and easy to manovuere even with one hand. Only potential drawbacks, depending on your requirements, is that you can't clip on a car seat and it's front facing only. But apart from that it's great, and only £179!

slinkiemalinki Tue 08-Jul-08 10:28:48

Bugaboo are trying to stop their strollers being sold through eBay shops. See here - but won't affect stuff in the past obviously, but thought I'd mention it and be helpful

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